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December 16th, 2021 in Digital PR 3 minute read

Tis the time to be jolly sure your Digital PR campaign stands out at Christmas

Christmas is the biggest money making holiday, with the UK spending just short of £80 billion in retail, and a predicted £7.9 billion on advertising during the 3 month Christmas run-up. During the busiest time of year for retail and marketing, how do you make sure your Digital PR campaign reaches the right, and biggest audience? Let’s look at some of the most innovative campaigns to date.

Greggs hijacking of Fenwick’s Christmas display

Greggs knows not only how to make delicious food, but also how to hijack someone else’s Christmas campaign, and reap the rewards.

Fenwick are synonymous for their Christmas window displays, and knowing this, one Greggs in Newcastle saw a Christmas gift in waiting. Located opposite Fenwick, Greggs flipped their iconic logo so it can clearly be seen in the window of Fenwick’s glittering Christmas display. The sheer genius of the idea worked because of the simplicity, easy and low cost – all of which are extremely valuable during the festive season.

In return, Greggs were inundated with press coverage on The Sun, Creative Moment, The Drum, Metro and more. It didn’t stop there as it flooded onto social media feeds everywhere as people took photos of it to share with their followers. Greggs’ innovative Christmas window display won them a highly coveted D&AD Graphite Pencil.

Air Canada’s Gift of Home for the Holidays

The Christmas season is one to be spent with family, but for those living overseas, it’s not that easy. The Maple Leaf pub in London became the home away from home for Canadians living in London. Serving traditional bottled beers, Canadians could watch ice-hockey on the big screen. In 2014, Air Canada pilots visited the pub to surprise pub goers with a round of paid for plane tickets to Canada, in time for Christmas.

Selma Filali, director of marketing at the airliner said “It wasn’t about creating a big stunt that was surprising or just pulling heartstrings. It had to be embedded into an insight that everyone could connect with and it had to feel genuine for the Air Canada brand.”

By understanding the needs of their audience, Air Canada created a heart-warming, thoughtful PR campaign. With a pub full of overjoyed Canadians, Air Canada were inundated with press coverage across huge national newspapers and magazines, both print and digital, and over 3.48 million views on their YouTube Video!

Game’s Christmas Tinner

Aptly named Christmas Tinner, Game created an all-in-one Christmas dinner in a tin can. The festive feast made a huge splash in the digital PR world, not only because of the name, but because it meant gamers didn’t have to leave their chairs on Christmas day – winner Christmas Tinner!

The Christmas Tinner divided the world with people craving the din in a tin, and others wanting to throw it in the bin. Regardless of where you stand, the innovative PR campaign was a huge success and secured coverage on high authority websites such as Delish, The Sun and NY Post and much more.

Key takeaways

People buy into people
If your campaign has been founded upon real human truths, is relatable and connects to the audience with genuine, honest emotion, you’re leading with your best foot forward.

Money doesn’t guarantee success
Knowing who your audience and their average budget for Christmas can be the difference between your Digital PR campaign being good and a great success. Pouring thousands into your Christmas advertising can make your product feel less accessible and for the few, causing a real disconnect between your brand and the consumer. Spend time talking to and learning about your audience to understand their needs.

Don’t overload with puns
When used sparingly, Christmas puns can make your press release more engaging and exciting to journalists who get thousands of emails daily. Overloading your campaign with unnecessary puns can feel forced, overwhelming and potentially even ignored altogether.

Let loose, but don’t lose focus

Christmas is the biggest monkey making holiday, and it’s prime time to advertise your brand. Nothing is too much, it’s simply in the holiday spirit so go wild and over the top with your ideas. Saying that, don’t lose sight of your aim and key message in amongst the excitement, otherwise your campaign is at risk of falling into the festive void.

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