The Beauty of Influencer Marketing

April 11th, 2017 in Influencer Marketing 5 minute read

Influencer marketing has become a standard practice for a lot of brands, both big and small. Done right, using influencers to promote your brand online can generate great results, both when it comes to raising brand awareness, direct sales, website traffic, and organic search results. If you’re not already utilising the untapped potential of influencer marketing, now is the time to start.

To give a quick overview of what influencer marketing is and the process of how it works, we created a video for you. It could easily be mistaken for a typical influencer vlog done by a beauty vlogger, but just make sure to put your sound on and it will all make sense…

Video Transcript:

Hi guys! My name is Kristina and today I’m going to do a beauty tutorial for you. However, it’s not your typical make-up tutorial as I’m not going to talk about the products I use to create this, instead I’m going to talk to you about the process of influencer marketing and why it’s a thing of beauty. So let’s get started and dive straight into The Beauty of Influencer Marketing.

Every great influencer marketing strategy start with a solid foundation of research and preparation. Just like consumers today do lots of research online before they make a purchase! An influencer marketing campaign can ensure that you are there with your brand when those consumers are doing that research, which makes them more likely to pick you when they are ready to make a purchase.

So first we prepare for our influencer strategy by ensuring that the product or service we’re going to promote is of good enough quality to generate good, genuine exposure. If there are any concerns about the product or service that we are going to promote, we have to make sure to eliminate these before embarking on the campaign. That can include getting rid of unrealistic expectations, narrowing down the scope, or opening up the campaign to an audience that haven’t been thought of before.

Secondly we need to lay the foundation of the strategy by outlining the aims and the goals of the influencer marketing campaign. For what audience are we looking to gain exposure? Who is you target audience? What influencers should we target for this? Are we looking to gain direct sales? How long are we running the campaign for? All of this is important to decide before starting the work, to set realistic expectations of the campaign and also to be able to measure success at the end of the campaign. Then we need to go onto deciding what type of campaign we’re running. Is it reviews, a creative content generation campaign, an event, or a brand ambassador scheme, maybe a beauty makeup tutorial video? A combination of some of these things can work really well as well – the opportunities are really endless!

Next, we need to frame our campaign in a nice package to make sure that influencers want to take part in it. This starts with clear objectives for the influencers to know what we want from them and if they would be interested in taking part. It’s also important for them to understand the bigger picture of what they’re taking part in. Then we need to make sure it’s suitable for them and their audience, as well as being a fun campaign to take part in of course! So for example, if you send a food processor to a beauty blogger, or send a travel vlogger to a fashion event – don’t expect any coverage from that. I mean, probably not the kind of coverage that you wanted anyway… It’s really hard to get this frame right, but when you get it right you’ll get great coverage from it. So, now we’ve got that framework sorted, it’s time to start looking at some details.

Okay, so a couple of important things to remember when contacting influencers apart from picking the right ones like I just mentioned. Firstly, treat all influencers as freelancers: bloggers, vloggers, and social media influencers do not work for free, just like you and I wouldn’t! So make sure to never ask someone to work for exchange of “exposure” especially not if your Twitter channel has got 500 followers… It’s not always about the money, there’s always ways to find to find ways of collaborating with someone for mutual benefit. Secondly working with influencers demand time and effort – creating really strong relationships with influencers is important. You’ll get the most out of it, they’ll trusts you and respects you, and you’re more likely to get someone to do a really good for you then.

Now we’re at the most critical point of your influencer marketing campaign – posts are going live, influencers are promoting your brand on their channels. It’s an exciting time and you might start seeing results straight away! Don’t waste this opportunity to amplify what the influencers are doing on your own channels. For example, if you’ve got an on-page blog, make sure to feature the influencer on there and then you can share it on your social media channels and you’re sending traffic both ways. Also make sure to interact with your influencers on your own social media channels: that will make the collaboration seem more genuine and more natural.

Re-purposing content is really important. Even long after you’ve collaborated with your influencers you can re-purpose their content on your social and your on-page channels, helping you out with your content strategy! It’s a great win-win concept really. It’s all about making sure that as many people as possible see what you’ve been doing, that’s the whole point of influencer marketing. The more you share the influencer’s content, the more likely they are to become real brand ambassadors for you. They will make sure to always mention you online whenever possible and they’ll be like your personal recommenders online, how great is that?!

Now it’s time to look at the amazing results of what we’ve created. But it’s important to not forget to report on your campaign according to the KPI’s you set up before you started working on the campaign. Also make sure to learn from your campaign to make it even better next time! And there you have it: the beauty of influencer marketing in a nutshell.

If you’d like to talk to me a bit more about this, get in touch with us. And please let us know what you thought about this video on our Twitter which is @wehavezeal. Thanks for watching!

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