Things We Didn’t Know Last Week 25.09.15

September 25th, 2015 in Inspiration 2 minute read

We’re launching a new weekly series here on the Zeal blog, each week we’ll be bringing you a list of things that we’ve learnt during the past week!

So here’s a look at what’s taken our interest this week…

A computer algorithm can recreate a Van Gogh painting in under an hour

German researchers have released a paper detailing how a computer algorithm could be used to create image styles from the likes of Van Gogh and Picasso. Read more here.

Jim Chapman is the most influential man according to The Telegraph

In a recent piece by The Telegraph, the YouTube star is described as one of the most wanted men in fashion at the moment. Thousands of people watch videos of Jim doing daily tasks like building furniture and going to the gym. Read the full article here.

We’ve visualised how to funnel down the 1.2 trillion searches a year to show the perfect ads people

Ben wrote an article for Digital Marketing magazine which takes a step back and looks at the basics of PPC search targeting. You can read it here.

Pinterest opens API to all developers

Earlier this year Pinterest gave API access to a select few developers but now it’s opened it up for the world to explore. Developers are now free to build and test third-party integrations with Pinterest but will need to submit everything to Pinterest for approval. More here.

Instagram now has 400m active users

Instagram has reached the milestone of over 400 million monthly active users, surpassing Twitter by over 80 million monthly active users! Read more about the milestone here. 

360 videos are now available on Facebook

Facebook launched the feature on Wednesday with the upcoming ‘Star Was: A Force Awakens’ film. Desktop visitors or those visiting Facebook via an android device will see the feature ‘soon’ and iPhone users will need to wait a little longer. Read more on Facebook’s blog or have a play with the video below!

More people have died from taking selfies than from shark attacks this year

It’s actually getting to the point where landmarks are banning selfies and selfie sticks. More here.

Get married in Italy and you’ll find yourself covered in rice, almonds and coins!

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a beautiful shot of our MD Jane tying the knot to Jonathan in Ravello, Italy. In this shot an Italian lady is throwing a tray of things to bring them luck – rice for food, sugared almonds (blue and pink for children and family), and gold coins for fortune!


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