Things We Didn’t Know Last Week 02.10.15

October 2nd, 2015 in Inspiration 2 minute read

From algorithm updates, branded emojis and Ronnie Pickering, it’s been a busy week! Here’s a look at what’s taken our interest…

Google confirms that an algorithm update is coming soon

Google’s been talking about a real-time update to their penguin algorithm for a while and this week Gary Illyes revealed at SMX East that he hopes the update will be live by the end of the year. More here.

Coca Cola are the first brand to buy a Twitter emoji

After claiming the world’s largest Twitter cheers, the brand celebrated by releasing the emoji, which appears when a user includes #ShareaCoke in their tweet. More here.

There’s water on Mars

NASA has announced that they’ve found water on Mars which is pretty exciting, however some Twitter users weren’t all that impressed. Time rounds up the best Twitter jokes here.

You can now take selfies with wax work vloggers

Vlogger couple Zoella and Alfie aka ‘Zaphie’ have revealed their wax works at Madam Tussauds. More here.

Carl’s face moves on his Facebook profile and yours can too!

Facebook has given profiles an overhaul including the option to have a short looping video as your profile picture. Read more on the Facebook blog.

Someone brought for $12

A former employee just happened to search for the famous address in Google’s new domain selling service and found it was available. The domain was taken off him very shortly after the purchase! More here.

11% of Americans Think HTML Is an STD

A recent survey from Voucher Cloud discovered the U.S. is in need of better tech and sex education. More here.

Channel 4 has revealed new branding

The new branding has been called “dynamic, playful and at times a little bit bonkers” by Creative Review.

Channel 4

In 1900 38% of cars in the U.S. were electrically powered (according to Wikipedia!)

Just a fun fact we found that pleasantly surprised us! More here.

The consumer Rights Act has expanded to cover digital purchases

A much needed change has finally happened, meaning that UK consumers now have more rights over returns and repairs on digital services. More here.

Who Ronnie Pickering is!

Ronnie Pickering

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