Things We Didn’t Know Last Week 09.10.15

October 9th, 2015 in Inspiration 1 minute read

From new Facebook emojis, the Zeal Twitter Takeover, and Tick Tock Unlock; here’s what we’ve learnt this week…

Facebook’s new ‘dislike’ option is actually many expressive emojis

Facebook did warn us not to get too excited over the news about the platform getting a dislike button, and have now launched a host of emojis to help us express how we feel more accurately. More here.


Google has brought

Brought from an anonymous private owner, the website doesn’t yet point to anything. More here.

‘Peeple’ thinks it would be a great idea to rate people online

And everyone disagrees.

Google has loosened its ties with ‘Don’t be Evil’

Once a pivotal part of the Google brand, here’s why and how Google is creating distance between itself and the strapline. More here.

Disney have created an augmented reality book

Leeds is pretty awesome at baking

If you didn’t follow the series then you’ve probably seen it on Facebook, Twitter, BBC News, or anywhere and everywhere else online. Congrats to Leeds based Nadiya Hussain who won this years Great British Bake Off. Watch the moment she was crowned GBBO 2015 winner here.

Grapes come in all shapes and sizes

We launched our latest Twitter takeover this week and there have been some interesting tweets, including a little bit about Ben’s grapes, Kristina’s bike, and Mike’s love of Mary Berry! Head over to our Twitter page to follow the rest of the takeover.

Zeal Twitter Takeover

We can get ourselves out of Tick,Tock, Unlock in 49 mins 11 seconds

Tick Tock Unlock

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