Things We Didn’t Know Last Week – 30.10.15

October 30th, 2015 in Inspiration 2 minute read

Every week we take a look at the latest news that’s grabbed our attention, this week it’s been Google and Facebook centric as new features and a new ranking signal coming into play.

Google has a new ranking signal called RankBrain

RankBrain is the name of Google’s machine-learning AI system that’s used to help process search results and it’s now officially the third most important ranking signal. More here.


Facebook will be revamping the notifications tab

The notifications tab on mobile is about to get a lot more useful by including insights such as sports scores, cinema listings, and weather updates. More here.


Twitter has launched its first ever TV ad in the U.S.

It’s a little confusing…

Daily Mail readers just aren’t bothered about mobile optimisation

We were quite surprised by this article which suggested that when prompted around 75% mobile of readers of the Daily Mail opted to use the desktop version of the website over mobile optimised version.  More here.

Daily Mail Mobile

You’re going to start receiving messages from strangers on Facebook

Facebook will be introducing ‘Message Requests’, this isn’t a new feature but an update on its current ‘other’ messages feature. At the moment people who aren’t your friend can message you and the message will go straight to your ‘other’ folder, soon these messages will be more visible by appearing in your inbox as ‘message requests’. More here.


M&Ms, Kit Kat, and Skittles are the winners of Halloween social media performance


Google Adwords has turned 15

Not huge news, but what caught our eye was how Re/code celebrated the milestone by bringing up some of the most popular things that were searched for when the service was launched. More here.

Facebook has a cure for those Candy Crush notifications

Might be a case of too little too late, but at least it’s here now! More here.

Google’s internet-beaming balloons are blowing up

Google claims that by next year they’ll have enough of them in the stratosphere to form a ring over part of the world. More here.


Google has a softer side

Google recently granted a 97-year-old’s wish of ‘seeing the future’ as part of A Wish of a Lifetime. Read about Olive’s exclusive tour of Google’s Mountain View campus here.

What a “miracle kitchen” looked like in the 1950’s

The Roomba was predicted in the 1950s, but was not included in the “Kitchen of the Future” magazine spread as it was dubbed too unbelievable! More here.

1950s Miracle Kitchen

How to draw a person…

Just too sweet for words!

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