Things We Didn’t Know Last Week – 20.11.15

November 20th, 2015 in Inspiration 2 minute read

This week we’ve had a four-legged helper, got excited about a new release from Magento, and witnessed Twitter copy Facebook again! Here’s a round up of the highlights…

Magento 2.0 has been officially released

Yep, we’re quite excited about this one! This is a complete re-write of the popular market leading eCommerce platform, geared at providing significantly faster out-of-the box performance with a clean, modern code base. Improvements include a more streamlined checkout experience, product video functionality, enhanced admin interface and various tools aimed at allowing Magento-based websites to be overall more robust (such as full page caching). The Enterprise Edition also boasts new features such as the ability run separate databases for different store activity, admin logging, and an array of additional back-office merchant tools. More here.

Magento 2.0

YouTube has released a child friendly version

The app filters out a selection of channels and videos suitable for children, doesn’t allow video comments or video uploads, blocks inappropriate search terms, and only shows family friendly ads. More here.

YouTube Kids

YouTube has released new shopping ads

You can now link your YouTube account with Adwords to put shopping ads on your videos. Below is a test we’re currently running. More here.

YouTube shopping ads

Facebook has released safety check technology

Launched during the recent attacks in Paris, the feature allows users in ‘disaster areas’ to tell friends that they’re safe and gives users a list of friends located in disaster areas with the option to ask if they’re okay. Facebook will roll out the technology to future natural disaster and ‘human disasters’. More here.

Facebook safety

Twitter ‘likes’ may become emojis

We’re not too sure why Twitter bothered to change ‘favourite’ to ‘like’ only to start thinking about replacing the new feature with emojis. Seems a like a bit of waste of time to us! More here.

Exxon like to exert their authority over trademarks

Exxon Mobil have accused Vodka Brand Roxx Vodka of unlawfully using interlocking ‘XX’ in its logo. More here.


Google isn’t giving up on Google+

The platform has been redesigned and stripped of a few failing features. We’re still not buying it! More here.


Friday the 13th was an unlucky day for bloggers

Moz decided to update its domain authority algorithm which impacted a lot of bloggers. Some saw their domain authority increase, however a lot saw it decrease. We love bloggers regardless and are more than happy for any of them to sign up to the Zeal Buzz Blogger Network.

Google’s expanded its app indexing

The update will allow it to index and rank app only content. More here.


Donald Trump looks like an evil villain if he has Sean Connery’s beard!


Dogs make the best interns

A recent visitor to Zeal HQ had a go at taking over the Zeal twitter, he was a little ruff around the edges but soon took the lead on it!

Office Dog

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