Things We Didn’t Know Last Week – 11/12/15

December 11th, 2015 in Inspiration 1 minute read

This week we’ve been bombarded with ‘2016 predictions’ listicles, shot our first ever round-table discussion, and had the best agency day yet!

#JeSuisParis was the most influential hashtag of 2015

After the city experienced two terrorist attacks in 10 months, the internet provided moral support to Paris in the form of #JeSuisParis (translating to ‘I am Paris’). The hashtag was closely followed by #BlackLivesMatter and #MarriageEquality. See the full list here.


There’s such things as an Instagram husband


Periscope is Apple’s ‘App of the Year’

The live streaming app was brought by Twitter and launched to rival Meerkat. More here.


New Zealand could be getting a new flag

Residents have put forward over 800 ideas for the new design, and a winner has now been selected to go up against the current flag. This video captures the outcome of what happens when you bravely ask an entire country to create a new flag design.

The things that men will never hear

This video says it better than we ever could.

Facebook at Work will be ready shortly

After spending years in development, the professional version of Facebook will be ready in the next couple of months. More here.

Facebook at work

YouTube has released its ‘most watched’ for 2015

Of course, the one is our favourite. Watch the full list here.

That this year’s agency day was the best one yet

Every year we take an afternoon out to present to each other what we’ve been up to during the year and any goals we have for next year. It’s safe to say we’ve had a brilliant year, and next year is set to be even better!

Team Zeal

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