Reasons Why We Love Zeal

December 8th, 2016 in Inspiration 6 minute read

2016 has been one hell of a year for Zeal! We’ve said hello to 7 new amazing members of the team, welcomed some incredible new clients and created some impressive work (next time you’re in a supermarket look out for Primula Cheese- we designed that fancy new packaging!)

It’s very rare in life that you find a job you’re happy to wake up for every day, or people that you get to call friends rather than just colleagues, but here at Zeal I think it’s safe to say we’d all agree – as corny as it sounds- we’re living the dream.

Find out why we love Zeal so much!

Nick P

I love Zeal because of the close knit group of people who absolutely love what they do. It’s a pleasure to come into work every day and create with like-minded people who are colleagues and friends. It’s basically the opposite of having a “case of the Mondays”, most of the time anyway!



I love Zeal because it’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle and a career that I get to share with a bunch of inspirational and amazing friends (a.k.a. colleagues).



I love Zeal because no day is ever the same. Whether we’re having an office wide debate about Christmas adverts, or filming ‘arts and crafts’ videos, the amount of passion everyone throws into every project is inspiring. Since starting at Zeal there’s not been a single day when I’ve gone home thinking ‘Never again do I want another day like today.’



I love Zeal because they took a chance on me, and ever since I’ve started they’ve given me every opportunity that I’ve asked for to grow, and even challenged me to grow in different ways.  I love that everyone who is here, and everyone that we look to hire, has the possibility to grow their potential and learn from each other in a caring and friendly environment.



I love Zeal because I get to wake up every day loving what I do, whilst being surrounded by genuine, caring and immensely talented people.



I love Zeal because of how amazing the people are, ‘Friends’!  Each and every one of them has taught me so much.



I love Zeal because of the range of opportunities and support all of us get.



I love Zeal because it offers you the ability to be a free thinker.



I love Zeal because all we genuinely do care and look out for each other. You can walk in one morning and might be feeling a little glum, and you don’t have to look far for a friendly smile and a bit of banter with someone who cares enough to brighten your day. As corny as it sounds, we are like a little family and I feel so grateful that I get to be part of that.



I love Zeal because of the relationships I’ve built with everyone in the company. There isn’t one person I don’t feel I can be totally open and honest with and if I need to, I know I can approach them and get their thoughts on ideas or plans etc. Having only been with the company since September, it’s great to have such strong relationships with everyone straight away.



I love Zeal because if there’s something I want to learn or a type of work I want to be doing, I’ve got the freedom and control to make it happen.



I love Zeal because to know my opinion matters is a wonderful thing.



I love Zeal because every day is a challenge, but the best kind of challenge. The environment and culture we have genuinely promotes creativity and thinking differently, and each and every member of the team is a pleasure to work with – it makes the working day enjoyable instead of a chore.



I love Zeal because the company culture is such an important thing to all members of staff here at Zeal. From the interview stage to how we ‘conduct’ ourselves outside of office hours, the Zeal zest comes with us wherever we go!



I love Zeal because its work hard, play hard mentality actually works and that is definitely down to Jane. She is the first person to get involved, is always up for a good time and genuinely knows her stuff… her passion for the industry is infectious and that really shows through in Zeal, in anything – and everything.



I love Zeal because as another amazing year at Zeal comes to a close its hard not to get a tad emotional looking back on all the fabulous things we’ve achieved as a Team both professionally and outside of office hours. I truly don’t think you could replicate the feeling of ‘Team’ that we have here – there’s nowhere better than being part of Team Zeal whether that’s on a night out or in a client pitch!



I love Zeal, because before them I never knew my job existed and I couldn’t think of doing anything different now. Zeal is full of so many passionate people who really are experts in their field and it is a pleasure to work with those who truly care about the work they produce and inspire you to do just the same.

Also they’re a pretty good bunch to share a drink or 2 with. Just saying.


Nick S

I love Zeal because of the people that work here. Everyone is extremely talented and friendly, which creates a perfect team working environment. I love the culture and the positive effect it has on our work!



I love Zeal because in my short time here so far, I have been made welcome by everybody and that is the best feeling I’ve ever had from a new job. Every person in the company respects one another and is there to support whenever called upon, there are no egos being thrown and everyone has so much respect for one another. The people are all cool and approachable and the boss is easily the most fun boss I’ve ever had. What more could you want from a job?



I love Zeal because the team here isn’t scared into achieving targets, they love what they do and who they do it for – Jane’s energy is infectious, whether she’s motivating the troops in the office or gathering everyone around for a wild anecdote down the pub. 


I love Zeal because of the way I feel when I walk into and around this office, it is a feeling of family, hard work and determination to succeed and to push boundaries and a support you know you can rely on.

I have worked at many different agencies; large and small. I started a business for myself (which failed), and helped build and grow a family one from a young age (which succeeded). I have worked in corporate hell holes, in an ice cream van and as a butcher, for large brands and beyond.

I can say hand on heart that I have never worked for a company like Zeal or for a business mind/boss like Jane, what makes it so different is what makes all the others the same. Passion. 

This is a company brimming with people full of real passion. What makes everyone stand out (and by proxy Zeal as an agency) is that you aren’t just passionate about your own roles, you are passionate about the industry and on the whole, Zeal within the industry.

We stand out as a company because we do things our own way, but we succeed because we are vehement about delivering consistent high quality, we’re not afraid to ask questions or push back on things we don’t always agree with and we can hold our hands up when we are wrong because of that conviction.

… and for once I can write something like that with total confidence, conviction and from the heart.


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