The Best of 2014: Life at Zeal

December 16th, 2014 in Zeal News 7 minute read

2014 has been an unbelievable year for Zeal – we launched our new website and branding in September we welcomed five new members of staff to Zeal HQ, we fitted in a team weekend trip to Edinburgh, threw a fabulous Zeal 4th birthday party, seventeen birthday cakes were baked and eaten (lucky Mike had three), a summer of personal training sessions were undertaken (possibly because of the number of delicious sweet treats eaten), an away day to the Lake District to go extreme ghyll scrambling and raft building (most definitely a team bonding experience), quiz nights, we were covered in buckets of ice, one suggestion box was crafted, Jane appeared on the cover of BQ magazine, we went wine tasting and  did a fair bit of work in between.

Before we say goodbye to 2014 we thought we’d take a look back at some of our favourite Zeal moments and reminisce…


My favourite Zeal 2014 moment took place in Roxy Ball Room, when Jane and I were crowned Zeal table-tennis champions. It was a cut-throat competition, but Jane and I knew we had it in us to emerge victorious.

I also very much enjoyed the Zeal girls taxi ride to cocktail-making in Edinburgh, when our charismatic taxi driver christened us “the 7 girls on fire” and sang Alicia Keys to us.



For the short amount of time I’ve worked here we have been on so many activities. I suppose the most fun had to be the ghyll scrambling day trip. We all became master coracle builders in a matter of seconds and no-one sank which is obviously a benefit.

A very close second was the wine tasting evening. It’s actually something I’ve always wanted to do and it completely lived up to my expectations! Aside from obvious benefits of drinking glass upon glass of wine we all really learned a lot. Never again will I buy a bottle of £3.99 wine over a £6.00+ bottle of wine, “The difference in quality between a £4.00 bottle of a wine and a £6.00 one is the biggest jump in comparison to price increase”.


It was hard to narrow it down as we have fitted so much in this year… but one of my favourite Zeal moments of 2014 has to be the Zeal 4th Birthday Party! A chance for all of us to celebrate Zeal and just how far we have come as a relatively new agency at just four years old. Even better, we got to share it with all of our friends and family. Of course there was cake, lots of cake and champagne toasts to the future of Zeal. It really made me appreciate just how lucky we are all to work together, and have as much fun as we do (soppiness over).

I also loved our trip to Edinburgh, nothing says team bonding more than all been petrified together on a cemetery ghost walk late at night and clinging on to each other for dear life in a dark, spooky crypt!


My favourite moment was the wine tasting at Lazy Lounge, not only because we were able to spend an evening drinking, a lot, of wine but because it was pretty interesting to discover wines that I would usually disregard were pretty delicious! And no that’s not because I’m a wino, it was due to a great mix of flavourings from white through to red, room temperature to cold…I genuinely think it opened up the pallet to appreciate flavours that you would usually disregard on a Friday night!



My favourite moments from 2014 have mostly involved one of our clients, Page and Cooper. Preparing and attending their first event A Stitch in Time and SalonQP, both events were a great success and were more than worth time and energy. I’m looking forward to seeing the new website launch in December; it already looks amazing and will be a big step up for the brand’s online presence.

My favourite memory of the team was when we went ghyll scrambling in the Lake District. It was one of the hottest days of the year and all built coracles, VERY surprisingly no-ones sank and we all got to go for a spontaneous swim in river to cool off after!


One of my favourite Zeal moments this year was going up to the Lake District as I’ve wanted to go for so long. We had the best weather and a lovely day outside building rafts and throwing ourselves down a waterfall. Can’t really beat that!

Another great Zeal moment was going to Edinburgh – beautiful city and we had a great time exploring the city and local food.



Launching the new branding and website, it was a moment of pride and relief that it was done and the positive reception it received made it all the more worthwhile!

Also, Glaramara, I love building things and working out how to do something in the best way, so the coracle building was a lot of fun, and the ghyll scrambling was exciting, a bit nerve-wracking with the whirlpool jump thing and I like adrenaline.


My favourite memory of this year was the Edinburgh trip. As I’d only worked here for a month before it was a great way to really get to know everyone. The weekend was amazing and I found a new love for the Scottish city and a solid dislike of whisky.


The summer team training sessions kept us all in top condition! I also loved the Zeal Quiz nights which always inevitably turn super competitive and end up hating the quiz master (whoever that lucky person is).



I’m going to have to say the night we played table tennis at Roxy’s (not just because it was my idea, I promise!) had a lot of fun, got a little bit tipsy, and it’s also when Jane asked me if I’d like a part time position!

I also loved going to REDs BBQ, I had wanted to visit for months and then had the pleasure of going with everyone at Zeal all expenses paid! And I LOVE MEAT. Result.


My favourite moment of this year was by far the Edinburgh trip. I had so much fun, and really got to connect with the team!! I loved the ghost walk. Jane completely freaked out and was scared of everything, to the point that she left the walk when we headed into the ‘most haunted section’ and the crypt. The tour guide was very good, he knew how to set the mood, and get some interesting facts in there as well.

graveyard tour


My favourite moment was our trip to Edinburgh – specifically the whisky tasting evening, followed by the ghost walk. Apparently being huddled together in fear walking around a graveyard makes for quite good team building (especially after a few drinks)!


The Edinburgh trip on a whole was a lot of fun as it gave me a good chance to hang out with the team and get to know everyone, especially since I only joined a couple of weeks earlier. Also, as a whisky fan, the distillery tour was great!

Ghyll scrambling in the Lake District was a surprise favourite for me as I really had no idea what to expect from it, and on paper it doesn’t really seem like something that would be enjoyable. It was a really great rush!



I have so many great moments from this year it’s really hard to narrow it down to just one so I’ve narrowed it to three!

One was the night of the summer BBQ’s. We had one at the Round Foundry and then went on to an industry one at Oracle. It was one of the first times that we went out as the entire team and with free beers and sausages you can’t really go wrong. There was a photo booth where we got some great pictures and it was just one of those nights where everyone was in a great mood.

My second would have to be a photo-shoot we went on with a client in the middle of the countryside with a couple of gorgeous dogs. Niki and I were chased by a vicious swan, had to use ‘nature’s own’ toilet, traipse through a swamp and carry an axe but the photos were so amazing it was worth the hard work and we celebrated with ice creams with the photographer and client!

Lastly I’d have to say the Zeal 4th birthday party. It was amazing to have all our friends and family and people who have helped us make it this far. My old bosses were there (well the ones I liked!) and it was so good to be able to say thank you to the people who have helped us along the way. Most special as well was a card I got from the guys here at Zeal full of their favourite Zeal moments which was amazing!

Zeal birthday

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