We’re Raising Eyebrows with Benefit

April 12th, 2016 in Zeal News 58 second read

We are excited to reveal that global make-up brand Benefit have chosen Zeal to collaborate with to help them promote their brow products to Northerners.

We are organising a blogger event here in Leeds to celebrate the Year of the Brow and highlight their signature brow mapping service and brow enhancing products. Our northern beauty and lifestyle bloggers, from our extensive Digital PR network, are certainly in for a treat.

We’re so excited to be working on this project with such a well-known beauty brand who are already highly popular within our blogger network and are so clued up on the benefits of blogger outreach. Benefit adopted outreach activity early on, so they’ve enjoyed the perks of working with bloggers and brand representatives previously and now they want to work with bloggers in the north.

With this collaboration we have the means to deliver an exciting event that brings our bloggers, the brand and the public closer together. Effectively promoting Benefit as a leading brow specialist is testament to our creativity and dedication to delivering successful outreach campaigns.

To get bloggers onside, for help with events, or for general digital guidance then please get in touch.

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