Bungee Jumping for Mental Health

October 13th, 2016 in Zeal News 1 minute read

Mental health, those two words that mean so much to some, and nothing at all to others.

It’s something that has (for the most part) managed to evade the spotlight, even though it affects most of us in some way.

Maybe it’s because unlike our physical health, we can’t see our mental health, or fully understand it for that matter. Strange, considering that according to the World Health Organisation, ‘if we don’t act urgently, by 2030 depression will be the leading illness globally’.

But just lately, something has changed. The news and social media has been awash with coverage on everything from Alzheimer’s to depression, and at Zeal we’re thrilled to have played a small part in raising awareness.

Last month we took part in a 160ft bungee jump to raise awareness for male suicide prevention group #ANDYSMANCLUB, completing a 160ft bungee jump which looked a little bit like this…

Teaming up with our wonderful client Fenetic Wellbeing, we managed to raise over £1,000 for #ANDYSMANCLUB.

Shockingly the biggest killer of men under the age of 45 in the UK is suicide. The #ITSOKAYTOTALK campaign was set up to give men a space to come together and talk.

Luke Ambler founded the group after his brother-in-law tragically took his own life in April. After the initial success of the #ITSOKAYTOTALK campaign, Luke now plans to set up clubs all over the UK.

The goal of the clubs is to encourage men from all walks of life to talk about their issues, with the goal of halving the current rate of suicide and reducing the stigma surrounding mental health.

He told us; “the money will be used to set up new clubs, so costs of facilities, material for the group session, advertising material and refreshments for the guys when they come.”

You can still make a donation to #ANDYSMANCLUB over on our JustGiving page here: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/FeneticBungeeJump

(Fundraising page closes Tuesday 18th October)

Monday 10th October marked World Mental Health Day, but to stand the best chance of making positive change, we should all make an effort to be more mindful of the things that affect us every day and remember #ITSOKAYTOTALK.

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