The Zeal Bucket List!

February 28th, 2018 in Zeal News 1 minute read

The Zeal Bucket List is a new initiative we have launched to give every member of Team Zeal the opportunity to further their personal development and undertake projects and challenges they are passionate about.

The Bucket List is designed to help staff personally do or achieve something that they have always wanted to do and will improve their life in some way. For example if a team member wants to learn to drive or learn a new language or skill. Something they have a true passion for.

Requests don’t have to be work related, team members just have to demonstrate how it will help them grow and develop as a person. It’s not a onetime deal, everyone can have one Bucket List idea approved every year.

The culture at Zeal is something we take very seriously and the Zeal Bucket List is the latest commitment to making the agency a desirable place to work and somewhere staff feel valued and can grow.

We have an extremely high staff retention rate here at Zeal and the culture we nurture plays a huge part in that. This month marks my 5th year at the agency, there were just five people when I joined and we’ve now grown to over 30 staff across two offices!

Zeal invests heavily in culture from staff ski trips to the French Alps, European short breaks, monthly socials and now the Zeal Bucket List. This investment doesn’t just bring benefits in terms of employee satisfaction, increased workplace happiness impacts every area of the agency and the work we do for clients.

We can’t wait to see what Zeal Bucket List challenges take place!

To see the latest challenges as they happen follow the hashtag on Instagram #ZealBucketList

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