Let’s Talk Strategy (It’s Free!)

May 7th, 2020 in Zeal News 2 minute read

We’ve launched a new product today. Well, that’s not strictly true. We’re advertising a service we’ve been doing for years and offering it for free for any business that might need it (not quite as catchy). 

It’s called Strategic Springboard. It’s a free 2-hour strategy consultation to discuss any ideas, issues, questions or problems you may be facing. I’m excited about it because it brings together the two things I love most about my job. Solving problems and connecting people.

I fell in love with the agency world in my first 2 weeks of working at a great one. One of the things that excited me so much was the insight that agencies get into a wide range of businesses and industries. To be a good agency you have to really understand your client’s challenges. Effectively joining their teams and boards to help them navigate and capitalise on any opportunities.

It’s no secret that I love undertaking a new strategy with a client. It’s that rush of being let in, seeing what’s behind the curtain and getting to grips with how they operate.

As an agency, we’ve been undertaking this strategic piece of work for 10 years. We’re good at it. We take learnings from other clients and businesses and combine it with our own specialist knowledge to help them understand their potential. It’s what I love. Seeing things with a fresh pair of eyes. Spinning a problem into an opportunity and working together to change direction or start something new.

My other great love is making new connections and building a network around me of unbelievably talented people who are not only brilliant at what they do, but I enjoy spending time with. I was interviewed recently by a University about “entrepreneurship” (a word I actually hate and not just because I can’t spell it), my journey, and what I attribute my success to. I put it down to those connections and the ability to ask for help. 

There’s nothing better than introducing 2 people you know will get on and do great things, and watching it happen. I imagine it’s how Cilla Black felt when her contestants got married.

Yes, we’d love to work with you. But more than that if we can help you do what you do best in any way, expand our network of great people, or just talk through your challenges, then great. I mentioned it was free, right?

If you fancy having a chat, follow this link to find out more and tell us you’re interested.

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