The future is bright as Zeal acquires Appmetrix

July 2nd, 2020 in Zeal News 2 minute read

The future is bright as Leeds digital and creative agency Zeal acquires bespoke tech firm Appmetrix boosting innovation and promoting growth.

A Leeds-based agency is set for growth after acquiring a unique web and mobile applications development company in a bid to innovate and expand its products and services.

While many organisations have been left facing uncertainty following the coronavirus pandemic, Zeal Media Ltd has its sights firmly set on future growth after acquiring bespoke software developers Appmetrix Ltd.

Creative and digital agency Zeal, set in the heart of Leeds, already works with an impressive list of clients ranging from global consumer brands, charities and public sector organisations, providing everything from branding, marketing, advertising, events and graphic design to video, websites, social media, blogging and digital solutions.

Now, the agency hopes to enhance its current offering with the acquisition of Appmetrix, which specialises in creating innovative digital platforms through web and mobile development, to further expand the range of skills and expertise available to clients.

Jane Rutter, Zeal CEO, said: “We are committed to helping our clients grow and are constantly looking for new ways to provide the best products to support that growth.

“We think investing in this area is a great opportunity and will complement our existing services, whilst at the same time future-proofing the agency to offer the potential for growth at a time when many agencies are struggling to survive.

“With our working cultures already very much aligned too, we simply had to say yes to it.”

Mike Jacques, Zeal Chief Operating Officer, also welcomed the move. He said: “This is a very exciting expansion of our agency, embracing all that technology has to offer to help meet our clients’ growing needs, whilst at the same time putting us at the cutting edge of marketing and software innovation.

“We very much look forward to working together to see what we can achieve.”

Appmetrix is made up of software developers, designers and solution architects, all with experience in working with clients to create innovative new applications.

The company, also based in Leeds, specialises in working with early-stage companies and prides itself on recruiting graduates from top universities, to harness fresh talent.

It was founded in June 2019 by Robert Durkin, a Cambridge graduate, successful entrepreneur and experienced angel investor. With over 10 years experience in creating bespoke technology for large corporate customers including Marks & Spencer, John Lewis, Nestle, and Microsoft, Robert sold his first business to WPP at the age of 27. He also acts in an advisory role for a wide range of technology start-ups and has held a number of board seats within successful early stage companies.

Robert, Zeal’s new Chief Technology Officer, said: “This is a massive opportunity to leverage technology and innovation to accelerate Zeal’s growth over the next few years. We are excited to bring our unique offering to Zeal’s amazing range of existing clients as well as using it to attract new ones.

“Zeal’s achievements to date are impressive, and we hope to be able to extend its capabilities to really propel the agency to the next level.

“I’m delighted to see our talented teams come together and am very excited about discovering what opportunities lay ahead.”

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