How do you know if you should be looking for a new PPC agency

November 4th, 2013 in Performance Marketing 3 minute read

Here are some tell-tale signs when you know it’s time for a change.

After Sale

During the sales process, many agencies use their A-team to present and pitch and make sure they entertain and amaze until you sign on the dotted line. After signing does your agency live up to expectations?

Once you have signed a contract do you become just another client? Could your agency answer the following questions?

• Outline the goals of your campaigns
• Rules and regulations for your industry
• Background information they need to know about your products and services

These should be questions asked on day one, but as everything in life things change and develop so they will also need revisiting on a regular basis. How in touch is your agency with your business and future plans?

Clarity of Reporting

Each business is different and has totally different goals and needs. Meaning each client should have a tailored report specific to their own particular business.

If your agency is limiting what it shares with you and not giving you the metrics you want to see it’s time to head for the door. Client agency relationships should be open and transparent in every area.

Value for Money

Is your agency working hard enough for their fee?

PPC management is a day-to-day task and is time consuming, which is why many clients make the decision to use an agency to carry out their PPC activity.

Agencies can easily become ‘too comfortable’ and less proactive which in turn leads to poor management. Have you checked your accounts ‘change history’ lately to see what work has been done on your account?

No Ad Text Testing

Your PPC account should be constantly optimized, a key way of doing this is through ad text testing.

Simple changes to ad text and knowing which message works best for your business can have dramatic effects on click through rates and conversions.

Your agency should have standard add text testing practices and bespoke processes in place; you as a client should be fully informed by your account manager of these processes and the results of every test that is carried out so that you know exactly why decisions have been made.

If this is something your agency isn’t currently offering you need to act quickly.

Broad Match Accounts

Are your account(s) made up by a majority of Broad Match keywords?

Yes? Why is this bad? And why do agencies work this way?

Agencies with a large amount of clients quite often make short-cuts to save time. Account builds are one of the most time consuming tasks meaning this is often an area where poor agencies will choose to save time by building accounts which use predominately broad match keywords. This saves time as they don’t have to utilize as many keywords, which then leads to less ad groups, saving even more time.

It is an extremely bad tactic and can have a negative impact on your accounts performance and can lead to massive wastage within an account.
While broad match can be an affective part of your agencies PPC strategy, it should only make up a small percentage of the total keywords within your account.

Look At the Whole Picture

PPC campaigns classically run on a last click basis meaning the credit for a conversion is given to the final click of a customer’s sale journey.

Is your agency looking at the whole picture? Do they truly know the role keywords have played within conversions?

Whether it is view-through conversions or assists, your agency should be managing these keywords based on their support to the conversions.

If you feel like you should be getting more from your agency contact us today for a free PPC account review or to discuss your needs and what Zeal Media could do for your business.

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