AdWords Editor 11.0.1

January 27th, 2015 in Performance Marketing 2 minute read

AdWords Editor is a piece of software used by agencies and individuals who manage campaigns for companies on either a small or large scale. It allows them to create new campaigns or edit existing ones quicker than on AdWords itself through its multiple features and navigations. Yes, I know this sounds like immense fun!

For those of us who have the pleasure of using AdWords on a day-to-day basis, you will understand how useful the Google AdWords editor can be. It has the power to make creating and editing a campaign look quick and easy (which it isn’t always!) That’s why the news of the recent update was exciting news for dedicated users.

Being part of the world of Google AdWords editor, it was clear that from the moment of installation, the updated Google AdWords editor 11.0.1 was looking much more exciting than the previous editor.  The change of logo (blue and green A shape) looked much more professional and links in with the AdWords site, gaining that little bit of vibrancy it craved.

The software itself has become a lot easier to use and follows a clearer visual layout. The new layout includes a navigation which has speeded up the editing process. There is now also a multiple accounts feature, you are now able to edit multiple accounts at a time, which is particularly useful as we use the MCC feature. Looking after a number of accounts which need monitoring would usually be time-consuming but this feature cuts that time down hugely.

Another new feature which we’ve benefited from is the ability to undo and redo up-to 20 actions. After a long (hard) day of using the software, mistakes can occasionally be made so this feature will no doubt be our hero of 2015! This also cleverly sticks to the main goal of the update which is to speed up the editing process.

From being used to using the old, boring AdWords the only negative change for us is that the keywords, ad groups, campaigns and ad extensions tabs are now in the bottom left hand corner. This is an unusual feature as we familiarise tabs as being at the top of the page. However, I’m sure we’ll get used to it in no time, due to the sheer amount of time we will spend looking at the new page layout.

Hopefully, for those of you who are yet to use this clever piece of software or just haven’t got round to updating the AdWords editor, I’d like to think this has given you a brief insight into its new amazing features. We all know that the quicker the editing process the better!

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