Zeal’s Top 5 Affiliate Resolutions

March 24th, 2015 in Performance Marketing 3 minute read

2014 saw a rise in ‘successful affiliate marketing’ and it is now being widely considered a vital part of the marketing mix and deservedly so. We are big advocates of Affiliate Marketing here at Zeal and we’ve decided to put together a list of affiliate resolutions which we will be sticking to throughout 2015. 

1. I Will Maintain a Fresh Stream of Affiliates

Most affiliate networks offer marketers an option to browse different affiliates on their programme to encourage them to continue expanding their reach. Outside of traditional affiliate recruitment, Affiliate Window for example, offers a ‘Publisher Directory’ which enables you to search for affiliates which would be appropriate for your client. Giving you more choice on who you want to work with and offering information about what they will do for you and how many affiliates they already have on the programme. This can often speak volumes for how engaging they would be with you in a partnership.

Doing this will keep affiliates up to date and help grow the programme, ensuring there are fresh faces who may be able to view the campaigns and potentially add more value by being part of the affiliate programme. In addition to this it’s also about expanding your relationships with different affiliates which may come in handy when wanting to run more content rich campaigns such as a competition. This is something we are concentrating on a monthly basis, to keep customers interested and engaging with the programme. We also want to have a diverse range of affiliates, from voucher/cash-back sites to content sites specific to our client’s products. Thus helping to reach all different types of audiences.

2. I Will Adhere to the Content Calendar

With Zeal being experts in all digital marketing fields it’s important to us that we all keep in touch with what everyone’s planning for clients. Having a clear aim, usually on a monthly basis helps us to centre all our marketing one coherent strategy.

Adhering to the content calendar is crucial in ensuring that the campaigns stay on theme and compliment other aspects of the digital strategy, this way people familiarise themselves with the brand through all channels which leads to a better performance throughout.

3. I Will Encourage Affiliates to be Active

As most affiliate marketers will know, keeping in touch with affiliates and having a sustainable relationship is the key to being successful, however this is sometimes a challenge. Knowing what the affiliates want and expect from us makes the process a lot easier and ensuring they enjoy working with you is vital. This is why making more interesting and active campaigns will encourage them to work alongside you and on more of a regular basis.

This can be done through running competitions, offering discounts and creating interesting, professional looking banners which complement the brand and offering more content based campaigns.

4. I Will Keep Affiliates up to Date With Offers

It’s essential that affiliates are aware of the latest deals and promotions for them to make the most of your partnership.

Ensuring this information is available on the affiliate platform and an email is sent to all affiliates. This should increase the likelihood of them seeing the offer and not skimming by them, large affiliate sites will receive lots of information on a daily basis. We make sure ours stand out and appeals to them by including the most important points and outlining what benefits they could receive.

5. I Will Keep on Top of Requests

Like we as the marketers can search for affiliates, the affiliates are able to search for us. Ensuring any requests are checked regularly is important as it adds more opportunities to the affiliate programme.

We check requests on a daily basis and carefully consider whether they will be suitable for the particular client. Affiliates that make the cut will be contacted, introduced to the brand and informed of how we like to work and what we expect from them. It’s important to form strategic partnerships that stay on focus and have a concise delivery method for campaigns to be successful.

The Outcome

By sticking to these five winning resolutions we will continue building even more successful relationships with affiliates throughout 2015!

At Zeal we always want to push ourselves to be the best we possibly can. We always use the best Affiliate platforms in order to build leading relationships with affiliates and produce rewarding campaigns. Find out more about how we can set up an affiliate programme for you here.

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