5 Reasons to Never Skip Over the Paid Ads

June 9th, 2015 in Performance Marketing 3 minute read

According to research by Econsultancy paid ads account for only 6% of total search clicks on non-brand terms in the UK. That’s only 6 people in every hundred searching with Google and Bing who are actually utilising paid ads. There seems to be a misconception of what paid ads are really all about, especially with the younger generations who claim to be much savvier online. Paid ads can be incredibly beneficial to you, the searcher. So here are my top 5 reasons to not skip over the paid ads:

1. Highly Targeted

The way the ads are targeted is not dictated by Google. Unlike the organic results of Google, the paid ads are shown exactly when the advertisers want you to see them. This targeting starts with what you search. The set of keywords PPC advertisers use is the foundation for any paid search campaign and is the first step to getting the most relevant ads to you. Further factors include: where you are geographically, previous activity on websites, the day in the week, hour of the day, even down to other keywords in the search query which will block the ad (negative keywords). You can be sure that that majority of the time if you are being shown an ad, you are exactly the person who would benefit from it.

2. It’s paid for

Advertisers don’t want to waste money on your click if they don’t think it will have any benefit to them. Some advertisers in competitive markets can be paying hundreds of pounds per click so you can be confident that if you are seeing a paid ad, the content you’ll be lead to will be relevant to what you are looking for. A wasted click is wasted money.

3. Straight to where you want to go

Unbounce wrote an article exploring the idea of ‘Less is More’ which looks into the psychology of choice and how this related to conversion rate. In the PPC industry, each click is incredibly valuable; we don’t want to lose that click. Basically too much choice defers potential customers (you) from actually completing whatever your search goal is. We want as few clicks as possible from the point of clicking the ad to completing whatever the call to action is. This point is particularly important with ecommerce. Advertisers will ensure that their paid ads get you exactly where you want to go to minimise the chance of losing the conversion, which in turn minimises wasted time for you.

4. Quality Score

Further misconception of paid ads is that they are there because someone is shoving a lot of money at Google and commanding that they be at the top of search results. This is not true. ‘Quality Score’ is one of Google algorithms which determines where ads place. Quality score is determined by the relevance of the ad to the keywords and to the landing page (among other things). The better the quality score, the less it’ll cost the advertiser per click to rank highly on Google paid searches. In other words, an ad which is much more relevant to your search will usually rank higher.

5. To the point

As I’ve hopefully made clear, advertisers do not want to waste their click. For this reason, paid ads are likely going to have a CTA (call to action) on the landing page, meaning you will find what you are looking for quickly. There is complete control by advertisers as to where the paid ads take you. The highly targeted nature means that your location, for example, will take you to a different, more targeted and more relevant landing page.

So next time you’re planning on skipping the paid ads in the search results. Consider these 5 reasons on why you shouldn’t! Think your business could benefit from PPC, get in touch or have a look at our paid search offering for more information.

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