4 Most Effective Ways to Create a Cross Device Display Campaign

January 26th, 2016 in Performance Marketing 3 minute read

Working within the Performance Marketing department at Zeal means that we often come across clients who we feel display would work perfectly for. With the rise of mobile and tablet, display has now become a lot more intricate and can be delivered across multiple platforms, making it easier to catch a consumer at the perfect moment.

However, ensuring you make the display campaign as successful as possible can be challenging. It requires marketers to understand exactly what a consumer wants and to be able to deliver this message effectively at the right time. I’ve come up with the four most important things to remember when carrying out a display campaign with the help of ‘The Big Cross-Screen Handbook’ (a very interesting read) …

1. Ensure you know your user as well as you know the device

It’s extremely important that you know the user inside and out before you display a particular product or service to them. You need to not only understand the types of platforms they are using and why but also clearly understand their interests in order to know whether a certain display campaign will catch their eye. Cross Screen Display isn’t all about making sure you get them on the correct device, it’s about being familiar with the user no matter what platform they’re on. Delivering a consistently engaging message along each of the platforms the user is active on is one of the best ways to reach the user at the right time.

2. Have the correct data to map users

There are two key types of data used in order to create a user profile and begin to know exactly what that user is interested in. The first type is called probabilistic, this type of data isn’t 100% accurate however can still confidently try and identify a user for the purpose of marketing. For this type of data it works through shared data signals coming together and creating a probability score over time, which determines if the devices could match to one user.

The second type of data is known as deterministic, this is collected from user login data, which is often taken from websites which people are logging into on a regular basis, such as Facebook. This is a much more accurate identification however the data belonging to large companies means it comes at a cost and also puts those industries at the fore-front of understanding its users.

3. Cater to each device differently

Each device comes with its own interactive strengths and can perform differently depending on how it’s actively used by the consumer. Making use of these qualities is something that display is offering more and more. For example, on the desktop you may be able to use the mouse to hover over the banner and this then creates a zoomed in effect. On tablet the user can use the swiping effect to engage with an interactive form of banner. Lastly on mobile the user might want to tilt the device in order to get a 360 detailed view of the product. A really good example of this was one for Halloween which I came across from Target, where you can view a 360 room full of Halloween products and from there decide which you might like to purchase. With the use of the same message but a slightly different approach on each device, this gives you more opportunity to catch the user’s eye depending on what suits them best.

4. Become more knowledgeable with each display campaign

Being knowledgeable when it comes to display is crucial. With each campaign you do, learning from how successful it was and any patterns to improve the next campaign is very useful. Each day is a learning curve in this type of job, there are changes going on as we speak. Therefore keeping up to date with the latest advances in technologies and data is something which will help to keep creating successful, new and exciting display campaigns, across multiple devices.

At Zeal we are all experts in our field and thrive from learning new and creative ideas. Working alongside display companies who have a similar ethos and are as excited about our clients as we are is important to us. If you’re thinking about using display to get your product or service to the right people at the right time then get in touch to see how we can help.

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