Expanded Text Ads: What’s The Impact?

October 26th, 2016 in Performance Marketing 2 minute read

Expanded Text Ads were lamented by Google as ‘the next generation of text ads, designed for a mobile-first world with both users and advertisers in mind.’

So, a month down the line, has this ‘new generation’ actually made much of a difference?

Well yes it has actually.

We’ve gone from the layout looking like this:


To this:


That’s a big improvement and offers us the chance to create Ads that fill the empty white space created when Google made revolutionary changes to the SERP back in April this year.

So, what exactly has changed and what are the benefits to us as advertisers?

The two headline characters (with up to 30 characters each) now offer a more descriptive and engaging hook line. It looks less ‘salesy’ and replicates more of what end users have been seeing from organic listings for some time now.

No longer having to break down your Ad Content into two lines (that make grammatical sense) means we have now been given free range to rewrite more flowing and engaging Ad Copy.

Two ‘Path Fields’ to make up the Display URL also assist a great deal in getting primary and even secondary points across without having to repeat them from the Headline or the Description.

More than half of Google Searches now occur on mobile devices and it’s imperative that your new Ads speak to users across all device platforms. Making sure the offer and calls to action are relevant to your device audience will culminate in much stronger results. For example, for mobile users the call to action may want to focus on engaging that potential customer in a call while they have the device in their hand.

As a secondary measure to the new Ads, you can loop in Ad Extensions far more effectively with your Ad Content than ever before. This may mean a short-term fix of carrying out a reshuffle of your existing Extensions, or a complete overhaul built specifically to interlink content used in the new Ads.

Since we started switching our Campaigns over to the new Expanded Text Ads, we have seen CTR’s increase by up to 140% across some accounts. Bounce Rate has also seen some significant improvements – a direct result of providing end users with more engaging Ad Content.


And it’s no longer just limited to Google Adwords! Since the start of this month, you can now export your new Expanded Ads into Bing Ads (with the added bonus that their SERP remains as was with Position 4 Ads at the top of the right column).

If you haven’t already – it’s now time to make the change.

As From January 2017, Expanded Text Ads will be the only option available to advertisers. Google Adwords will no longer support the creation or editing of standard text ads after this date. If you want to find out more about the new Expanded Text Ads or how to get the most out of your paid advertising get in touch!

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