Is It Time To Start Looking For A New PPC Agency?

March 2nd, 2017 in Performance Marketing 3 minute read

The beauty of PPC is that all data is set out right in front of you. We as PPC marketers are able to show our clients exactly where every single penny was spent and what the return was. Far too often when auditing PPC accounts we see lazy, money wasting strategies, and when conversation opens up about their relationships we are staggered by the lack of communication and pro-activity.

Here are some questions you should be asking to determine if it’s time to find a new PPC agency:

Every Monday morning does the same churned out automated report land in your inbox?

You should expect that data from your PPC agency is not only clearly presented, but translated into usable information. Far too often we have conversations with prospective clients who receive automated reports full of numbers which is meaningless, however most explain they think this is the norm. It shouldn’t be.

Your agency should work with you. Expect your agency to dissect, analyse and translate data to present you with insightful information and where possible, suggest wider changes to the overall strategy to help develop all areas of the business.

Do you receive a support ticket when you need something updating immediately?

Your PPC is running right now. This means that if you need anything updating like new product pricing or event venue changes, you need this turn around to be as quick as possible. Some agencies will work by a ‘filter through’ process where your request may pass through hundreds (well, nearly) of inboxes before it finds the person who will action the changes. It shouldn’t.

Reactivity is imperative for paid search as any incorrect information in ad copy or targeting could cost you thousands. It makes more sense to talk to those doing the work. No support tickets. No filtering.

Does your agency have an impression or click volume target?

Some agencies out there have agreements with automated management software companies where they get a financial % cut of impression or clicks volume which passes through their software. PPC or any performance channel should work back to a return on investment, not traffic volume. This can be direct sale revenue, lead volume or any other measurable conversion.

Before work begins, all parties need to ensure tracking is reviewed and implemented as comprehensively as possible to ensure complete transparency. AdWords and Bing Ads conversion tracking is amongst the easiest to set up and presents us with the information needed to be able to optimise to a strong ROI. Not sure if your PPC is being tracked properly? Drop us a line and our in-house development department will give it the once over!

Do you only hear from your agency once a week?

Communication is key (especially in the opening stages of a new account). We know this works both ways and as much as you may need to pick up the phone to immediately address something, so do we. Restricting communication to only a set hour a week will prevent necessary immediate conversations to be had. Totting up a list of tasks and requests to discuss only on your available hour slot isn’t productive.

Are you hearing about fancy new features and wondering whether your Ads are benefiting?

AdWords and Bing Ads seem to be churning out updates more and more regularly. From the search platforms perspective, these are all to assist marketers in creating a bigger impact with paid search marketing.

What makes this industry so exciting is that you can really benefit from adapting to these new changes as quickly as possible. If you are paying your agency to run a successful PPC account for you, you should expect your agency to come to you before you hear about it, to outline the benefits and suggest the quickest possible integration plan.

As Google and Bing Partners, we are told about these updates months before they are rolled out.

Is it time to start looking for a new PPC agency?

If this has got you thinking and you would like to chat with us, give us a call. If you think performance has fallen flat recently, get in touch today about our free, no obligation PPC audit.

Just remember: A poorly managed PPC account is the quickest way to burn budget – do you really know what’s going on?

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