6 Ways to Get the Most Out of Facebook Ads

July 24th, 2017 in Performance Marketing 6 minute read

There’s no denying Facebook Ads is a powerful tool. From raising brand awareness to generating leads and sales, they are a great way to effectively boost your business online. Grab reader’s attention with compelling copy, appealing imagery and boost your click-through rate by choosing the most relevant call to action button.

If you would like to know more about how to get the most out of Facebook Ads, keep reading…

Utilise Detailed Audience Targeting Options

Facebook allows you to target specific audiences whilst optimising your ads for a lower cost per click and the best potential reach. Audience targeting can be broad or specific depending on the aims of your ad – there’s a handy audience size tool which helps monitor the breadth of your targeting and another tool that predicts estimated daily results.

Let’s start with some basic targeting: for example, people who like your Facebook page or your website traffic from the past 30 days. These options allow you to specifically target people who have already shown an interest in your product or service and remarket to them. We discuss the power of remarketing using Facebook Ads in more detail later. Furthermore, you can also create ‘lookalike’ audiences who share similar online behaviours to these audiences. This is a fantastic way to reach new potential customers and raise brand awareness. Take note that if you want to use data from your website in your Facebook Ads you must have a Pixel set up on your website.

Let’s say you run a local events service and you want to promote your children’s party service. You can target your Facebook Ad to people who live within 20 miles of your location, have children aged 3-12 years old and also must show an interest in parties. This is just one example of how precise interest targeting can be used to reach the people most likely to convert and be interested in your offering. You can also narrow down audiences by device type, age, gender, browser language and a choice of interests and demographic options.

Zeal-Media-Facebook-Ads-Targeting Zeal-Media-Facebook-Ads-Targeting

The Importance of Remarketing

There are many reasons why someone might visit a website or app and leave without converting. Remarketing is a fantastic way to encourage these individuals to make that all-important purchase. Choosing a remarketing audience is straightforward, although if you want to use data from your website you must have Facebook’s pixel on your website. Create custom audiences to target such as website traffic in the past 30 days, Facebook page visitors and people who abandoned their shopping cart.

Introducing a discount or sale in your Remarketing Ads can help to boost conversion rates by giving potential customers an incentive to purchase.

You can also remarket to audiences who are interested in what you sell, but might not have heard of you using a lookalike audience.

Make the Most of Lead Generation Ads

Lead Generation Ads allow users to fill in their details in a form, this can then be collected and used by your business. The form is placed within Facebook meaning that users don’t even have to leave the site to get in contact with you.

Create your own custom contact form to gather the most relevant data for your Ad. First up is an optional welcome screen, here you should briefly outline the purpose of the form, keep this short and sweet. Next up is a section for questions, you can get really detailed here. Choose from a selection of pre-made questions such as ‘name’ and ‘email’ or even ‘marital status’, ‘job title’ or ‘post code’. Make sure to keep these questions relevant to your Ad and non-invasive. There’s also the option to create custom questions and even create your own multiple choice options. After that provide a link to your privacy policy and any disclaimers, and finally there’s a thank you screen with an option for the form-filler to visit your website.

Here are a few examples of when a Lead Gen Ad would come in handy:

  • Event sign-up
  • Enrolling in a service
  • Submitting inquires
  • Signing up for a newsletter


Get Creative with Facebook’s Carousel

Facebook’s Carousel Ad format displays up to 10 images or videos in a single ad. These Ads are an interactive and engaging way to reach target audiences at all stages of the sales funnel.

If you chose a separate destination link for each image or video (otherwise known as cards), make sure each landing page is optimised and relevant to your Ad to reduce bounce rate. You can also include a standard profile card at the end linking more generally to your website. Facebook optimise your Carousel Ads to move the best performing cards to the front, make sure to untick this feature if you Ad’s cards are in a specific order. Don’t forget to make use of the call to action buttons such as ‘Learn More’, ‘Contact Us’ and ‘Download’.

Here are some ways you can get creative with Facebook’s carousel Ads:

  • Panorama

Split up one large image into many smaller ones to showcase appealing imagery and encourage users to interact and swipe-through the cards.

  • Storytelling

Tell a story about your brand, product or service or explain a process. Users can swipe through the images or videos to reveal an engaging narrative.

  • Product features

Highlight multiple features or aspects of one product, showcasing various benefits to potential customers.

  • Video

Tell a story, explain a process or describe a product or service using the power of video. Consider the length and style of your video to keep it relevant to your Ad. Video can also allow you to cover any content you couldn’t fit in your Ad’s copy.

Page Likes, Brand Awareness and Reach

It’s pretty obvious to say that the more ‘likes’ your Facebook page has, the more authority you will have as a business. The more authority you have, the more likely customers are to choose you over your competitors. To create a Page Likes Ad select Engagement as your objective and then select the Page Likes option. Why not try using a question in your ad’s copy to boost engagement?

Zeal-Media-Facebook-Ads-Page-Likes Zeal-Media-Facebook-Ads-Page-Likes

We use Reach ads for the purpose of raising brand awareness efficiently. Facebook’s Reach Ads work to the purpose of maximising your Ad campaign’s reach. Raising brand awareness is hugely important if you want to become reputable business. With Reach Ads you can control how often your Ad is displayed to people. Make sure to create a great first impression with strong imagery and concise, engaging copy.

Don’t Forget Instagram

If you didn’t know, you can create Ads for Instagram using Facebook’s Ad manager. With 700 million monthly active users in April 2017 there’s plenty of potential on this social media platform to reach new and existing customers and raise brand awareness.

As Instagram is image-based it is important to use strong, captivating imagery that conveys your brands’ values. You can create Instagram Ads with single images, single videos or use the carousel format we talked about earlier. There’s less room for copy in Instagram Ads, so remember to keep it straight-to-the-point, and don’t forget those important calls to action!

With all your ad creating efforts, remember to bear in mind what device people are likely to view your ad on. A lot of Facebooks users will be mobile users, people tend to use the app on the go, but make sure to consider other factors. For example high cost purchases might be more likely on desktops as they feel more ‘secure’ to some individuals, on the other hand Instagram Ads should be optimised for mobile as it is a mobile-based social media platform. Facebook Ads are constantly evolving, so make sure to keep up to date with and utilize new features.


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