Cherry-Pick Your Content For Powerful Social Ads

April 9th, 2018 in Performance Marketing 3 minute read

It can be both easy and effective to advertise on social media, however, if you want to maximise your marketing efforts and make the most of your budget you can’t afford to take the lazy route. With just a bit of research into the dynamics of each social platform, you can create content that is bespoke to each objective and placement you choose, capturing your target audience’s attention at various stages of the conversion journey.

Building Brand Awareness

The purpose of Brand Awareness is self-explanatory – to find people who don’t know about your brand and get them excited about it. Using social media advertising for brand awareness is a no-brainer. Social media platforms host detailed targeting options so that you can create an audience that mirrors your customer profile, and then introduce them to your brand.

It’s difficult to summarise your entire brand and brand message in a single image, this is where brand videos come in super handy. Brand videos are multifunctional, you can put them on your website, your Facebook cover and more – and there’s no harm in re-using them to solidify your brand message. For these videos to be effective they shouldn’t be any longer than 30 seconds. Make sure to update them with new clips every few months to keep the content fresh.

Try Using Video

Video is booming, there’s no doubt about it. You can say a lot more in a video (literally) than you can in a single images. Facebook receives 8 billion daily video views and video now sits naturally on the Facebook timeline.

Although video is becoming more popular on Instagram, photos generate 36% more likes than videos. Why not try advertising on Instagram Stories where people are actively looking for video? The nature of Instagram stories means your video has to be concise, interesting and informative, as well as compliment your feed. If a viewer isn’t engaged in the first few seconds, one swipe and then you’re gone.

Make a Statement on Instagram

If you read our Facebook Ads Vs Instagram Ads blog you’ll remember why it’s so important to have separate advertising strategies for the two platforms. On Instagram people are expected to be wowed by visuals, so do that!

In this example, we’ve chosen a high definition single image that sells an aspiration rather than a product. Our client’s objective was to raise brand awareness and as you can see the ad got a great engagement rate and people were keen to learn more about the brand.

Gaining More Conversions

Unlike with search campaigns, people don’t always go on social media for the purpose of buying products. This means that you need gain people’s attention without coming off overly salesy. Take this as an opportunity to tell a story about your product or service using carousel: a scroll-able visual experience that allows you to incorporate both images and video into a single ad.

You can utilise carousel ads to showcase multiple colours, styles, features etc. of your product, encouraging your target audience to find out more about what you have to offer – without them having to do too much research. With individual CTA buttons for each carousel card, you can direct people to the most relevant areas of your website and even use analytics tools to see which of the product images had the best performance – so you can optimise your ads for the future.


It really is worth putting that little bit of extra time and effort in planning your social advertising campaigns. Most social media platforms offer some kind of analytics which allows you to continually learn and improve on your advertising efforts. Along with that, you can gain demographic insights into who is reacting to your ads and use it to hone in and focus your efforts on the people most likely to be interested in your brand.

If you’re tight for time or want to find out more, why not get in touch and our social media experts can form a bespoke strategy for you!

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