Influencer Marketing: Bridging the Gap Between Short & Long Term Marketing

September 13th, 2016 in SEO 3 minute read

You know that feeling when you finally come up with a sentence that describes exactly what it is you’ve been trying to say for ages? It’s amazing.

This was the sentence:

Influencer marketing can bridge the gap between short and long term marketing.

It’s so obvious! I can’t believe I haven’t thought of saying it that way before. But let’s move onto what it actually means…

Short term and long term marketing

Brands normally undertake several different marketing activities, these sit under the labels of either short term or long term marketing. When putting together a marketing plan it’s important to think about the mix between the two to ensure instant results as well as long term results and impact. To give you some idea of what the differences between the two are, here are some examples:

Short term marketing:

Social Media
Online Mentions/Engagement
Product Reviews/Endorsements

Long term marketing:

Search Engine Optimization
Content Marketing (newsletters, blog posts, infographics)
Article Placements/Online PR

When it comes to online marketing it’s especially important to think about long term results as your websites traffic depends on it. To only rely on traffic from advertising such as PPC can be detrimental because you can turn it all off in a second and lose all website traffic. Don’t get me wrong, PPC is great for instant results as well as part of a long term strategy, but your website needs organic traffic to ensure future website traffic is secure. SEO is ideal in combination with other short term marketing channels.

One such short term channel is reviews and product endorsements. They generate great instant results and can increase direct traffic to your site due to brand awareness and temporary upswing in traffic from social media channels. Very useful! But what if it could also generate long term SEO results at the same time? That’s where influencer marketing comes in.

Influencer marketing is a great marketing tool that can generate instant brand awareness, product sales, service interest, direct traffic to site, and so on. Done right, influencer marketing can also be as effective as a long term marketing channel. Let’s have a look at why by going back to some SEO basics.

A strong website that performs well in organic search has certain traits that sets them apart from the ones that don’t rank well. The fundamental thing for your website, apart from it being technically and content optimised, are links. Relevant internal linking and external sites linking to your website. They can’t just be any old links though, they need to be relevant and good quality. How do you generate relevant and good quality links to your website? Influencer marketing.

Not only are the links you can generate from influencer marketing good for SEO, the social media signals and brand mentions are very important signals to Google as well. Although not proven to be a direct ranking signal, they do have a very high correlation to high rankings according to many different studies.

So what does influencer marketing look like and where can it fit into your marketing mix?

Influencer marketing, blogger outreach, or whatever you may call it, can always have a place within the marketing mix of any company. As long as there is a brand or product to raise awareness about, there are relevant influencers out there who can talk about them and help you generate instant brand awareness and long terms SEO results.

Benefit Cosmetics blogger event in Leeds

We worked with Benefit Cosmetics, where we engaged a group of 30 beauty bloggers at an event for the new range of Benefit brow products. Not only did the event hashtags trend on Twitter, but the 30 relevant and high quality backlinks to their website will generate results for the brand for a long time to come.

If you want to have a chat in more detail about how we could help you utilise influencer marketing for your company, just get in touch. We’ve got an extensive network of bloggers we work with, just waiting to try your product and take part in your campaigns!

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