Why Zeal’s SEO Approach Will Work for You

August 8th, 2017 in SEO 3 minute read

At Zeal we do SEO a little bit differently compared to other agencies. As most other agencies though, we base our strategies on the latest research, however for us it’s all about the execution and going above and beyond the traditional SEO metrics…

Google Ranking Factors

Google’s algorithm is a mystery to us all. But through thorough research, we can understand the correlation between SEO metrics and high-ranking websites that gives us a good understanding of why Google ranks certain websites, and how we can set a strategy accordingly.

The latest research done by SEMrush shows a continuation of the shift from on-page technical ranking factors, to more user experience factors. This is because of the development of Google’s artificial intelligence and means that the SEO strategies of today needs to be adapted to the website visitors and their needs.

According to SEMrush’s latest research that included a wide range of keywords from Markets in the US and Europe, these are the top-ranking signals:

The top 4 ranking factors that showed the most important in correlation to high rankings, are all to do with how the website visitor behaves. What this means to us is that a strong website in terms of user experience is essential to SEO. Therefore, we always undertake an on-page SEO audit of a site before commencing any other on-going SEO work.

The next most important ranking factor after that is referring domains. That is the amount of links pointing to the website. It’s about the number of backlinks as much as it is about the quality and relevance of those links. Because of this ranking factor, all our on-going SEO strategies include an element of building links in a natural way.

Another ranking correlation study done by Searchmetrics show similar results to the SEMrush study, but has the additional high ranking correlation of social signals. This means that websites that are ranking well in Google have high following numbers and engagement of social media channels including Facebook and Twitter. The SEO campaigns we do at Zeal therefore include some form of social media.

Our SEO Services

The SEO strategies we set for our clients vary on their industry and website standings, however they are always based on the latest research into rank correlation factors as well as many years’ experience in the industry.

The first step is to make sure the website is optimised to its full potential to have the best opportunity to perform in search. This could include any on-page SEO elements and keywords research, to UX audits. When we are happy with the performance of the website, we go onto step two which is the on-going SEO strategy.

The on-going SEO strategy involves ongoing maintenance of the website and making sure it’s regularly updated with content, as well as building out the backlink profile and generating social signals. We do this through a variety of services:

  • Influencer Marketing
  • Blogger Outreach
  • Online PR
  • Events

We track and monitor all activity with our SEO and social media monitoring tools Linkdex and Pulsar, to be able to generate bespoke reports that will show you exactly what you get for your investment.

The Results

Our results speak for themselves. The aim of the game is to generate a more authoritative website that can generate increasing traffic from organic search for a variety of keywords. But it doesn’t end there. The way we do SEO also generate loads of additional benefits including direct traffic, increase in brand awareness, and direct sales. Have a look for yourself at some of our case studies here.

Interested in talking a bit more about what we can do for you? Get in touch today for a free SEO consultation!

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