The Atoms SEO Performance Are Built On

August 30th, 2017 in SEO 2 minute read

Guest post by Matt Roberts, ScribbleLive’s Chief Product Officer and founder of Linkdex.

At an atomic level, SEO is all about content. The question that you need to answer is do you have the content you need to be found?

It’s a very simple question that masks huge complications. Having 100% of the content you need is one thing, having 100% of the content you need of a quality that would make it a top result is another, and having it on a website that’s technically optimised to maximise visibility is another.

Let’s take the first one, having 100% of the content you need.

Some websites require low amounts of content to cover the keywords in their sector, and those keywords vary little from year to year. A local dentist would be a good example of a website with more basic content needs.

The other extreme would be news media like the Mail Online that will publish a huge amount of content that targets a dynamic news agenda.

And of course, there are those in between like e-commerce websites. They often have a combination of both.

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The challenge is knowing how well you’re doing. Do you have 50% of what you need? 75%? Do you know? Does it matter?

I think it tends to matter and not knowing is not a very good answer if asked, there are ways of auditing where you are against where the demand is.

The same goes for whether the content is of a good enough quality. You don’t need to be too scientific here. Take a look at a handful of pages that you want to perform really well and be totally honest. Are they any good? Is the content the best you could do? Is it deep enough? Is it supported by supplementary content so you can show yourself to be a genuine authority?

If you’ve not got the right amount of content and the content you’ve got isn’t that great you know what you need to start doing.

Then there’s the technical side of SEO. The bigger your website and the more dynamic it is, the more complicated this becomes, and the greater the focus. But don’t underestimate its importance. Especially factors like having good information architecture, good site speed, multi-device optimisation, and of course minimal issues.

Are you happy with the processes you have in place to ensure you’re ideation, creation, publishing, optimisation, measurement and auditing workflow is firing on all cylinders? I ask because as much as content creation is about creativity, it’s also about process and having a content engine room that’s optimised and fit for purpose. The rewards are huge if you do.

So really this was a post with lots of questions and without complexity, but I’ve found that a lot of what increases the performance of marketing teams is knowing the questions to ask at the starting point and getting the basics in place, and great process.

Matt Roberts
He’s been in and around marketing, data, SaaS Start-ups for the best part of 25 years. He’s been awarded Search Personality of the Year at the UK Search Awards and is a frequent speaker at digital marketing conferences.

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