Just how important can Social Media really be?

January 30th, 2013 in Social Media 2 minute read

Written by Laura Jacques from Leeds Trinity University.

Starting a work placement at Zeal Media, has introduced me to all things online! From the development of a website, the basics of search engine optimization, to how effective online and digital promotion can really be. A company or business with a strong internet presence is proven to perform better and achieve higher results. This may seem obvious for many people however, for some it is all still pretty new.

The world of social media has rocketed and is rapidly beginning to dominate the internet. Taking a look at the map of the internet below, Facebook is not far behind Google with having nearly as many users. It is really interesting to see the internet presented in this way, the map emphasises just how powerful and influential social media is becoming.  If you take the example of having an idea and wanting to share and generate yourself some feedback, the option to create a post on Facebook allows you to do just that. Facebook brings the advantage of the ‘Like’ button and comment box for users to post their opinions and views. A perfect way to receive some honest criticism which could be beneficial to future plans. Similar to Facebook, Twitter is catching up with its endless opportunities that it provides account holders. With the majority of organisations and companies having a Twitter account, the ability to contact them is increasingly easier.

Twitter also provides the function of a ‘retweet’ and a ‘hashtag’ which allows extra traffic to view your tweet. Either one of these are favourable in the sense that posts can reach a wider scale of people, which of course speaks for itself.

Social media can also be considered as a way to promote ourselves. Everything you post online you are putting it out to the world, this can be fantastic if used correctly, but can also cause problems. Your social networking sites are easily accessed by people, some may already be friends and followers; however some may be people you don’t know. Therefore, updated privacy settings are vital. Websites, YouTube channels and blog sites can be promoted through the use of a social network post. By posting regular links and updates from your site you instantly create more traffic and opportunities.

It is becoming increasingly more common for people to seek advice and gather opinions from social networking sites, simply because it is so accessible and always helpful. Regular feedback on your work, about your business could give you vital information on how to grow and thrive in a recession.

With the introduction of degrees in social media it is obvious that it is being taken extremely seriously as oppose to media degrees previously thought of as a ‘Mickey Mouse’ degree.

Living in a society which is pretty much dominated by the digital world, it is essential that you keep up and get educated in the future and focus on using the opportunities and resources which are easily accessible to such a massive audience.

Laura Jacques is a student at Leeds Trinity University, currently on placement with Zeal Media.

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