Top Trends for Social Media in 2014

December 17th, 2013 in Social Media 3 minute read

It’s been yet another exciting year for social media; we’ve seen an even stronger correlation between SEO and social media, become addicted to Pinterest and Instagramed every selfie imaginable! The growth of social media marketing doesn’t show any signs stopping, so we thought we’d share some of our social media predictions for 2014.

Content Marketing VS Social Media…

One of the biggest changes for 2014 will be the separation of the idea that Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing is the same thing – yes they feed into each other and Social Media content will still largely depend on a brand’s content strategy. However the growth of Content Marketing will see it become an even stronger, more independent, channel of its own.

No longer a luxury…

PR, Communications, Customer Service, Sales and Marketing… the list is endless to how many areas of a business tie-in to social media. The ways in which a business uses social media is gradually evolving and will continue to do so in 2014. Businesses will realise that they need to take social media seriously, it’s not just the effect social media can have on a business but the ease in which social media can feed into other departments to save time and money.

From a digital marketing perspective, social media is the tool which pulls all the other channels together to increase their effectiveness. 27% of online time is spent on social media sites, the single most popular online usage category*, so if you’re going to spend money marketing and advertising your business, you’ll want to seed information out where people can see, and even better, interact with it.

Things are going to get competitive…

Twitter’s IPO, Instagram ads and Pinterest’s Place boards – it’s no longer Facebook that seems to be rolling out tweaks, changes and updates every single day. As channels have cottoned on to how much PR Facebook gets for just making the slightest change, we’ve seen a massive influx of changes, and promotional emails, from the likes of Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter in last few weeks. It’s making us a little busy reading right now, but will hopefully put a stop to Facebook getting all the attention!

With the success of Pinterest and Instagram, the ‘older’ image channels have realised that they need to buck their ideas up and begin to compete otherwise they’ll lose their market share. Rumours are already circulating that the likes of Flickr will be investing heavily in 2014, only time will tell as to whether this is too little too late.

Richer, better placed content…

Creating more varied content is a ‘win win’ all round – it’s better for SEO, more interesting for consumers, enhances design and creates varied opportunities for PR. This growth in Content Marketing, coupled with the growth of the likes of Pinterest, Instagram and Vine, should create a surge in stronger, more visual social media posts as brands edge ever closer to the publishing arena. This will only make social media a more vital tool as it has the ability to communicate this content to a relevant and engaged audience, all over the world.

It’s still not up to us…

The beauty of social media is that all the above could happen but ultimately it’s in the consumer’s hands. Social media is largely dependent on what the consumer wants and how they react. Hopefully, this realisation will encourage those still ‘social media shy’ to get on board in 2014.

Our final prediction, or top of our wish list is the ‘Switch Accounts’ feature for Instagram!

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*Source: Experian

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