Twitter Introduces New Layout

April 14th, 2014 in Social Media 2 minute read

Twitter is having a bit of an overhaul and is heading for a more visual approach (going to look quite a lot like Facebook). So we thought we’d dust over the waffle and tell you exactly what you need to do to ensure your Twitter page stays up to scratch!

The change… The new look Twitter profiles will include a large header image that will spread across the entire page.

What you will need to do…You’ll need to create a new header photo to the recommended dimensions of 1500×500 pixels.

The change… The ‘following’ list will no longer be in list format; instead it will be a series of boxes with users’ profile pictures.

What you will need to do… Ensure you have a professional and recognisable profile picture – we always recommend that brands use their logos for maximum exposure.

The change… Your details (username, description, location, website, and date of joining) will be located underneath your profile photo.

What you will need to do… Ensure all your details are correct and up to date.

The change… Users will be able to filter tweets with 3 new timeline options: tweets, tweets and replies, or tweets with photos or videos.

What you will need to do… It’s now more important than ever to make sure you vary your content to include videos and images to ensure maximum exposure.

The change… Similar to Facebook, the new Twitter layout will allow you to “pin” a tweet to the top of your timeline, so when people visit your page it will be the first tweet they see.

What you will need to do… Most Twitter interactions occur in the newsfeed so this change isn’t as significant as it initially sounds. If you want to take full advantage of this new feature then we’d recommend marking posts in your content calendar and ensuring they get pinned to the top, it also gives you the option to react quickly and pin any of your posts which are proving popular.

The change… Tweets that have the most interactions will appear bigger on your profile.

What you will need to do… Get a good content plan and strategy in place! It’s going to be even more obvious to users if your tweets are interesting and engaging or dull and unoriginal!

Get in touch if you’d like us to give your Twitter profile a once over and ensure it’s ready for the new updates!

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