What’s Hot and What’s Not: #LetsGetSocial

June 18th, 2014 in Social Media 3 minute read


  • #ManOfTheMatch & Hashflags – Twitter is embra href="https://wehavezeal.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/ENG3.jpg" target="_blank" rel="noopener">ENG3) – the hashflag! FIFA tried to encourage viewers to cast their vote for Man of the Match four years ago via their website, but this year the tournament’s official beer provider Budweiser wants you to take to Twitter to voice your preference. It’s not entirely clear whether the Twitter vote will be the only factor or just one of several contributing influences, as there’s a small chance not every World Cup watcher will be 100% sober by the end of the second half…
  • Do-It-Yourself Promoted Pinterest Pins – Businesses can now track individual pin performances and promote the best pins to a target audience. This is a trial run at the moment, but you can volunteer to opt in here. Pinterest already hosts Promoted Pins for various major brands (Banana Republic, Gap, Disney, etc.), but this new venture is aimed specifically at small and medium sized businesses that are more concerned about winning the individual click or “view” than striving to be seen by tens of thousands of digital users. Unfortunately the trial run is only based in the US at the moment (BOO), but if all goes well it should be hitting the UK any time soon…
  • Updated LinkedIn Premiere profiles – If you have a premium LinkedIn account, your profile could soon look an awful lot like Facebook (or Google+, or Twitter for that matter!) The idea is to entice all us “regular” users to sign up for LinkedIn’s paid and premium tiers, and generally get everyone to stay on the site a little longer. They’ve also include “profile optimization” by suggesting some keywords you should use in order to boost your name in search results (if you want to be super popular and viewable), and created a more open profile that allows anyone on LinkedIn to contact you – not just people you’re linked to.
  • Vine has gone intergalactic! Well… almost. Last week the first Vine video was posted from space! Nasa astronaut Reid Wiseman posted a video shot on the International Space Station (ISS) showing a single Earth orbit from the moon. It’s quite beautiful, and definitely one giant leap for mankind 😉 (I had to).
  • Instagram adverts are coming to the UK later this year. We’re assured strict brand guidelines will be put in place to ensure they don’t “spam up” (it’s a thing) our newsfeeds: there can be no text on adverts, and they must display “moments” rather than “products”. Since launch, Instagram’s users have shared 20 billion photos and now upload an average of 60m pictures per day, so it’s not exactly surprising that brands want to jump on board the Instagram train. Choo choo.


  • Instagram 1977 filter – We’re over looking like a lobster.
  • This YouTube video. There are no words.
  • Slingshot – Facebook’s new picture messaging service, that mysteriously disappeared from the App store a week ago after accidentally being launched! It’s back now, but “reaction shots”? This has disaster written all over it.
  • The tension between London black cab drivers and new app Uber: why can’t we all just get along?
  • #SELFIE song. We loved it, now we hate it. Go away.

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