Introducing Zeal’s Twitter Takeover

February 3rd, 2015 in Social Media 1 minute read

We’re excited to launch our very first Zeal Twitter takeover. For the next few weeks we’ll be handing over the Twitter reins to each member of Zeal for a day for them to post as they please. So why are we doing this? Well, for a few reasons actually! Firstly, it gives everyone a better look at the wonderfully talented people behind Zeal and shows their broader interests, rather than just being you’re go-to marketing person!

Secondly, some of our favourite social media moments have been from Twitter takeovers, although we’re hoping to refrain from causing any controversy, we do love seeing a different side to a brand when the reins are handed over!

Our Twitter takeover will be starting today, so head over to Twitter and follow @wehavezeal to see how it goes!

With Twitter takeovers on our brain we thought we’d share with you some of our favourite Twitter takeover moments! 

The good

@PeopleofLeeds – There are a lot of great location based Twitter takeover profiles but our favourite will always be People of Leeds. The account lets a different Leeds resident take over the profile each week to tweet about their life in Leeds.

People of Leeds

The bad

That time MacDonald’s took over Burger King on Twitter. In February 2013 Burger King fans got a little a shock as the brand’s twitter profile appeared to get taken over by rivals MacDonald’s. The takeover only lasted a few hours but it caused a bit of a social media kerfuffle.

Burger King Twitter Hack

The Ugly

That time British Gas decided to host a Twitter Q&A with their Customer Service Director, Bert Pijls THE SAME DAY it announced prices rises. It was like leading a lamb to the slaughter as masses of hilarious questions poured in.

British Gas Twitter Fail

We hope you enjoy our Twitter takeover, don’t forget to follow @wehavezeal to see our latest updates!

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