Social Media is Better With Content Marketing and Organic Promotion

May 19th, 2015 in Social Media 2 minute read

I recently wrote a guest post for Totaljobs about some of the newer roles that tie into social media, writing the article made me realise just how much social media now relies on other channels for success.

Although social media plays a large supporting role to most other marketing channels, it’s reliance on channels like content marketing and organic promotion are becoming increasingly important and we’ve seen some amazing results when three channels are combined.

Content Marketing

Having a strong content marketing strategy ensures that your social media channels never look empty, dull or unengaging.

It takes time and skill to create quality social media posts and since the ‘death of Facebook’s organic reach’ there’s been an increased pressure for businesses to not only increase the quality of content posted but also mix up the types media posted out. This need has left it much harder to create a strong presence without some kind of content plan.

This is where the content calendar becomes our best friend! We’ve been using content calendars for the past few years and although they’ve changed somewhat in that time, it was clear from the beginning that having a content calendar not only helped to shape a brand’s marketing plan but also transformed our social media strategy.

Here’s why a content calendar is now a vital part of our social media strategy:

  • You can store all activity in one place
  • Ensures you’re highly organised and allows time for planning and creating content
  • Allows you time to schedule in posts
  • Stops you missing any important updates / events / holidays
  • Ensures that you’re making the most out of every channel
  • Enables you to see all the types of content you’re posting

Organic Promotion

It’s always been important for brands to spend just as much time talking to people on social media as they do posting out content and messages. Brands can do this by encouraging feedback and engagement from current customer and fans, however it’s also important to identify influencers and work with them to help target new audiences to increase social media reach.

Using organic promotion is a great way to do this as it ensures your brand is being exposed to new relevant audiences across an influencer’s website and social media channels. This not only expands a brand’s social media reach to a new relevant audience, it can also help spark conversation between the brand and influencer and generates brands mentions across social media networks.

Find out more about how social media, content marketing and organic promotion work together by visiting the Digital PR section of our website.

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