How We’d Use the Facebook Dislike Button at Zeal HQ

September 17th, 2015 in Social Media 1 minute read

By now you’ve probably heard the big social media news of the day. Facebook have announced that they are releasing a dislike button.

Now we know that Zuckerberg says the button will be used to convey empathy, but all the same we couldn’t resist coming up with our own list of typical social posts from brands that we can’t wait to dislike.

Click Bait

An example of Classic Click Bait

There’s nothing wrong with a grabby headline, great content needs a hook to draw readers in after all. But promising one thing and then not delivering after your fans have clicked your link is well worthy of a dislike in our eyes.

Overly Sales Driven Posts

An example of an overly sales driven post

This is a fine line to walk for many brands, because the urge to sell can be so great, but asking too much without giving people great social content is going to earn a big dislike from your fans!

Generated Responses

Durex replying to comments on their facebook post with a automated response

Social media was invented to be… social! Yet very often brands are wary to open a dialogue with their fans. Receiving comments on your Facebook posts is one of the main reasons for posting them in the first place so not committing to a personal, genuine reply won’t go down well!

Jumping on Irrelevant Events

An example of a facebook post that exploits an event of great significance

It can be tempting to want to jump on topical news events (like Facebook implementing a dislike button for instance) but brands need to be careful that the event is either relevant to their services, or that their post is actually funny or engaging content. Also it’s important to be tactful and empathetic when it comes to events of historical significance.

Just Plain Old Rubbish Content

An example of uninspiring content

This one speaks for its self doesn’t it? Your social media fans are not guaranteed to like everything that you put out, and they can spot lazy content a mile away! When publishing content, make sure that you would want to read it yourself!

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