10 Things We Learnt at Social Media London Live!

November 17th, 2015 in Social Media 4 minute read

Last Wednesday we headed to Social Media London Live! to catch up on the latest social media trends and listen to the likes of Innocent and AO.com share their advice on social media success. Of course we learnt loads, but here’s a list of the 10 things we found most useful…

Social isn’t just social media

Innocent are known for their presence on social media. They put this success largely down to being a social company who have been social long before social media. Examples of this include having stories on their packaging based around what’s in their products, inviting people to their offices at nearly every opportunity, and putting up a ‘wall of love’ in their office containing all of the nice feedback they’ve received from customers.

Always ask why

The most important thing you can do before creating content for social media is to ask yourself who would engage with your content and why. The same can be said for understanding how and why content gets shared across social media, if you see a post you like being shared and you’d like to replicate it then it’s important to understand where its success came from. This isn’t just a question for your social media strategy, but a question you should be asking for every post you send out.

Amplification is crucial

The key to getting people to share your content is to get it amplified, a lot of the time poor quality content will perform better than high quality content if it’s amplified better. Naturally this is a little bit easier for well established brands with a larger fan base. Smaller brands will need find ways to amplify content including paying to promote it and working with influencers – BuzzSumo suggests a solid goal would be to get 5 influencers to share your content, these influencers must be relevant to the top written about.

Understand what people want

Some key stats from BuzzSumo research found that 78% off all users want personalised content, that lists, quizzes and ‘why’ posts are still the best performing types of content, and that blog posts with over 1,000 words tend to get more shares.

BuzzSumo smlondon

Change your KPIs regularly

Social media doesn’t necessarily need to have one goal. Pizza Express regularly change their social media strategy and goals to reflects their current marketing activity e.g. if they’ve created a video then their KPI could be video views.

Don’t jump on trends unless it’s relevant

One of the easiest ways to increase your reach on social media is to jump on a trend because that’s what everyone else is doing. This can actually do more harm than good and brands should only jump on trends if it’s relevant and they actually have something to contribute.  Pizza Express found this out the hard way when they jumped on the #royalbaby trend and got ridiculed by fans and the likes of BuzzFeed for being careless.


The social space can be very negative

We’ve already mentioned how Pizza Express’s Royal Baby tweet was picked up and ridiculed by the internet. A common theme of #smlondon was that most brands have endured what people would have assumed to be a social media ‘fail’. AO.com’s most successful TV ad of all time was only picked up on Twitter because people who saw the advert assumed the person in the ad was on the phone whilst driving. Innocent also received a lot of social media attention when one of their summer products was accidentally released in spring. Lesson? All brands advised to be honest about their mistakes, in AO’s case they had to spend a lot of time explaining to their audience that the person on their phone in the advert wasn’t in fact the driver.


Make the boring funny

AO.com attracted a lot of attention by using social media to make the boring fun. The brand didn’t have a huge budget for high quality video and photography, so they created low budget, cheesy in-house videos that fit the brand’s sense of humour and engaged their audience.

Entertain your audience

Yet another insight from Innocent! If you spend most of your time entertaining your audience and giving them something insightful to read then they won’t mind the odd sales message! Brands need to allocate just as much time (if not more) on talking to people and creating content that will entertain their audience.

Not everything you think will work will be a hit

Refreshing to know! The sad fact of social media is that no matter how much time and effort you put into creating content, it doesn’t guarantee success. Even the likes of Innocent produce a huge amount of content that just doesn’t get the amount of engagement expected.

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