Community Management & Social Media Management – Why You Need Both.

March 28th, 2018 in Social Media 2 minute read

There is a common misconception that the roles of social media manager and community manager are synonymous, and it is often presumed community management is achieved purely by setting in place a general social media strategy. However, although the two roles do go hand in hand their actual functions, responsibilities and intentions are distinctly different.

Understanding the unique functions of each role and using each to their greatest advantage is critical for achieving your social media goals.

So what makes them different?

Step one – Planting the seed.  

Your social media manager is a strategist. They are in charge of producing and distributing your social media content. Ensuring you have regular content on your social channels is how you reach new customers and update current ones with your recent goings on. The social media manager will track your social media successes and failures and use this data to inform the ongoing social media strategy and ensure the social content is continually improving.

They’re the ones that track and report the social media results including reach, engagement rate and how much traffic the social content has driven to your website.

Step two – Making it grow.

Your community manager is the builder of relationships. They’re in charge of what happens after and beyond the social media publishing. Community Management is a mix of customer service, searching for conversations related to your brand to join in with and listening to your community and their feedback.

They engage and nurture your current customers. Personalising replies and making people feel special will transform them from a one-time buyer to a brand advocate.  Whilst also seeking out influencers to build new relationships with and grow your following by raising awareness of your brand.

Why Do I Need Both?

You need to help the little seed you planted grow. By doing social media alone you are starting the conversation with your audience by sharing great, relevant content. Without community management there is no-one there to reply and nurture that seed of conversation.

89% of social media messages to brands go ignored!

And 47% of consumers say they use social media for complaints. Just one angry customer has the ability to share their negative experience to thousands of potential customers. With consumers trusting user-generated content, such as reviews 50% more than they trust any other form of content you need to be sure that you’re displaying yourself in a positive way, responding to customers and if needed transforming negatives into positives.

We work hard to present our clients to the world as likeable, welcoming and knowledgeable personalities that people can’t help but want to engage with online. The winning combination of a well-researched social media strategy and engaging community management activity fuels positive ongoing discussions about our clients’ products and services.

Want to find out more about our social media and community management offerings? Get in touch today. We’d love to have a chat!

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