These 3 New Features Tempt Instagram Users to Buy All Your Stuff

November 21st, 2018 in Social Media 1 minute read

See what you have to play with and make it stupidly easy for Instagram users to shop with you…

From slapping Product Stickers on your Instagram Stories and tagging them on your posts to getting on the Explore shopping channel – you had the features you needed to get your goods noticed by potential punters on Instagram. And now you have more. Take a look the freebies the app’s November update gave you.

1. Get ready for a new shop

Set up “Shop” on your business profile if you haven’t already – this upgraded version’s worth it. Make it easier for Instagram users to see what you’re selling without leaving the app and give yourself one less thing to stress over. You don’t have to push people off Instagram onto your website to check your prices, pictures or product names anymore. Bring punters to your profile page. It’s easier. More likely to happen. And you’ll get them in the mood for spending as soon as they tap your “Shop” tab.

2. Get tagging your videos

Save Instagram users the inconvenience of asking which products you filmed. Because most won’t bother – so how will they know what to buy? Treat your video like a photo now. Tag your goods. Shoppers know to tap the new button in the bottom left of your video to find out more and how to buy them.

3. Get on everyone’s wish list

Entertain with Instagram Stories. Entice with posts. Every time you show a product, tag it. Instagram users can now add your wares to the wish list on their profile – making your stuff unforgettable with a single tap on “Save” in the bottom right of your photo. Get in their “Shopping collection” and you could clinch a sale when they scroll for inspiration with money to spend, presents to buy or payday treats to indulge in. Easy.

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