Everything You Need To Know About TikTok

October 9th, 2019 in Social Media 4 minute read

Although we all hate to admit it, Vine is dead. And naturally, there was going to be a new platform to fill the hole in our hearts that Vine left behind. That sketch comedy, lip-syncing shaped hole has been filled by TikTok and love it or hate it, it’s here to stay. So, without further adieu here’s ‘Everything you need to know about TikTok.’

Where did it come from?

In 2016 Chinese company ByteDance created an app called Douyin and released it to the Chinese market. Within a year Douyin had over 100 Million users and was receiving around 1 billion video views a day. So, in January 2017 ByteDance released Douyin under the name TikTok to international audiences. (Duoyin and TikTok are the same app but they are run on different servers to comply with Chinese censorship restrictions).

Remember Musical.ly? Well, at the end of 2017 with TikTok’s massive growth they needed to get rid of their main competition. So, they bought their main competitor Musical.ly for a reported 1 Billion Dollars. After the acquisition of Musical.ly, TikTok continued to grow, quickly becoming one of the most popular video sharing platforms.

The app was the fourth most downloaded app in 2018 beating both Instagram and Snapchat.

But what is it?

TikTok is a video sharing app. Much like Vine, users share short 6 to 60 second videos comprising of sketches, lip syncs, parody videos, and reaction videos. The app features stickers, filters and even augmented reality. As with Twitter users can post using hashtags so their videos are seen by people searching for a specific thing.

According to China brands, the most popular hashtags are:

  1. #tiktok
  2. #love
  3. #funny
  4. #memes
  5. #followme
  6. #cute
  7. #fun
  8. #music
  9. #happy
  10. #fashion

 How can marketers use TikTok?

 As with all social media platforms, there are people who have gained large followings on TikTok. So, with TikTokers posting to millions of people marketers noticed that it was a great platform to utilise influencer marketing. Brands such as Gym Shark and Sony Pictures were fairly early adopters of TikTok. With Sony Pictures using it to promote their film ‘Escape Room’ by putting opinion leaders and TikTok talent against each other to complete escape rooms built by Sony.

 Is TikTok for Me?

Quite frankly, it’s up to you. If you enjoy funny videos and posting video content then it’s definitely worth checking out! 

2020 Update

Since it’s launch there have been a lot of different views on how TikTok should be used as well as a few myths that need debunking! In this section we will be highlighting some of the updates that are going to be rolled out soon as well as some myths that have started arising.

TikTok For Business

TikTok has always been a bit of a game when it comes to marketing. There has been a lot of trial and error for different brands as there is no one size fits all. However, TikTok recently announced the introduction of its new platform TikTok For Business

Designed to make marketing on the platform easier, it will include ways to build ads, sponsored filters, sponsored sounds to name a few.

To accompany this, TikTok is bringing out e-Learning for marketers to better understand how best to use the platform. Learning how to use the platform in general and how best to market your product.

TikTok Myths Debunked

1) TikTok is  just for Gen Z

According to research done by Social Chain – only a 3rd of users are under 25. This clearly shows that there is a huge area of this platform that brands aren’t thinking about and therefore limiting their audience

2) Only brands that are primarily purchased by GenZ will succeed on TikTok.

This is untrue, according to Social Chain it’s all about finding your niche and once you have done that it is then a matter of tailoring content to the right people.

3) All content is based on trends and animals

There is a lot of educational content on the platform. It is usually quite niche, people use the platform to teach people about an array of different things, including politics and history.

4) Short form content decreases the time spent with a brand 

-On average users are spending 52 minutes a day within the app

-Tik Tok has been referred to as a black hole for time due to the fact that people can get lost in the never ending stream of content, with a feed that continues infinitely. 

-They have introduced influencer content that encourages people to go outside in order to avoid any negative side effects of using the app.

Whilst TikTok is a relatively young platform it is growing quickly and it is gradually becoming a place where businesses can strive. TikTok is a place that is ideal for pretty much every brand, it’s just a matter of finding your niche and making sure you tap into it.

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