Digital City Expo 2020

March 17th, 2020 in Social Media 3 minute read

Last Thursday I took a trip to Manchester to attend the Digital City Expo. It was a fun-filled day with a wide range of talks and businesses showcasing their services and brands. I’ll be running through some of my key takeaways, so if you’re interested, read on!

Speaker on stage

The 3 C’s of Customer Engagement

The first talk of the day that I went to was ‘How to prepare for the future of customer engagement’. This was a really interesting talk by Hootsuite, the main topic was ‘The Three Cs of Customer Engagement’ which are: Building Confidence, Connection, and Convenience.

When we talk about building confidence, we are talking about trust. According to the speaker, customers are naturally sceptical if companies have their best interest at heart. However, one example that she gave to build this trust was to get employees to become advocates of the brand. 53% of people asked said that they were more likely to trust a brand if the people who worked for it openly talked positively about it.

The second C is Connection. The main point that was raised was how customers want meaningful connections. Brands need to make sure they are incorporating the use of both public and private connections into their online strategies. With 63% of us sharing content through private channels, it makes sense that brands should use both chatbots and instant messaging services to create meaningful connections with their customers. Customers want to see emotion, so on public channels, it’s vital to create emotive campaigns that are broad enough that they appeal to a large number of people.

The third and final C that was highlighted during the talk is Convenience. 84% of customers said that they disliked having to reintroduce themselves during a query. With social media making interactions quicker, it’s more important than ever to make the customer journey seamless. Customers have said that it is important for a brand to value their time, so it’s clear that improving time-saving techniques is essential to brand success. In summary of the first talk, we were directed to Hootsuite’s ‘Social Media Trends Report 2020’ which you can read here.

Speaker on stage

Influencer Marketing is all about trust

It’s fairly common knowledge that when it comes to customers interacting with influencers their interactions are almost entirely trust-based. If a customer doesn’t believe the influencer to be authentic then they won’t engage with their content. I went to a talk that was about trust and influencers which was put on by Takumi.

Takumi brought our attention to a white paper which analysed a group of 4,000 influencers, marketers, and consumers to see what their responses were to a number of issues. Here are some key stats that stood out to me:

68% of consumers would unfollow an influencer if they had promoted an unrealistic lifestyle or body image.

62% of influencers had been pressured by brands to wrongly label content.

36% of marketers believe they should be able to write the content and create the imagery for influencers.

The main thing that I took away from the talk is to let influencers do their own thing. Just give them a clear brief and allow them the creative freedom to promote the product or service. Which is exactly what we do when collaborating with influencers through our Zeal Buzz Network.

Speaker on stage

Colour affects how you think about a brand

The final talk of the day and the one I was most looking forward to was by Katy Leeson, the Managing Director of Social Chain. The talk was titled ‘Hacking the Algorithm – How to Break Through on Social’. Katy went into detail on five topics: ‘Why do People Share?’, ‘Trust is Important’, ‘The Science of Emojis’, ‘Considering Colour’, and ‘You scratch Their Back, They’ll Scratch Yours’.

The two that stood out to me the most were, ‘Considering Colour’ and ‘The Science of Emojis’. Katy went through how different colours can spark different emotion within the reader, this was a really interesting concept as I had never thought much about that. 

In terms of emojis, she highlighted that people react better to emojis displaying emotion. She showed a split test where they used a leaf emoji in one and then a face emoji in the other, they both had the same copy but the one with the face performed better.

In conclusion, the day was really insightful, I ended up with a big bag of pens, travel mugs, notebooks, and improved knowledge of some really valuable topics. So all in all a success. I would definitely recommend Digital City Expo to anyone in marketing no matter your experience!

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