Social Media Makes Self-Isolation a Public Affair

April 2nd, 2020 in Social Media 4 minute read

It wasn’t long ago that we spoke about the darker side of social media and the reminder that social media managers are human too

But amidst all the fear and false-information, social media is providing some much-needed connection in this strange and often lonely situation we find ourselves in.

Instagram is helping to stop the spread of misinformation with a series of steps to “help people access accurate information, stay safe, and stay connected.”

Their measures include removing COVID-19 accounts from recommendations unless posted by a credible health organisation. People who search for information related to coronavirus will also start to see an educational message connecting them to resources from the World Health Organization and local health ministries. 

You might have also seen that Instagram has created a shared story to help people who are social distancing connect with others, using a ‘Stay Home’ sticker.

Instagram Stay Home Sticker

When I heard Tom Hanks had tested positive for COVID-19 in Australia, I was annoyed and to an extent, a little worried. My favourite actor was now ill and all I could do was watch the panic unfold on Twitter and Instagram.

 The moment of solace came when he told everyone he was feeling fine and that although he had the virus, he was taking it one day at a time. He reminded his followers to look after themselves and remember that they too can only ever take life one day at a time.

 After all, Hanks has landed a plane on the Hudson River, been on the frontlines in WWII and fought pirates off the coast of Somalia. This virus picked on the wrong actor.

Find the positive

Living day-to-day is important now more than ever and social media can provide us with the essential contact we need to get through it physically and maybe more importantly – mentally.

One way to help is to make sure that false information isn’t passed on and instead do your followers a favour and share real stories that aren’t all doom and gloom.

If you’re following news pages or journalists and you are feeling like all they post is bad news, just unfollow them or get yourself off social media until you want to hear what’s going on. 

How about Dame Judi Dench walking about in a funny hat reminding everyone to take a moment to laugh?

Try to take a moment and read some good news. Check out your favourite brands and influencers. See how people are helping. Maybe they’re posting tips and helpful advice to help you get through this.

Hey self-isolation, how’re you doing?

The true worth of social media in times like these is the ability to keep in touch

Need to check in on a colleague or make sure your besties are being their usual selves? You can!

Whether you’re in isolation or if you’re working from home, social media is helping communities come together.

Even celebrities are taking time out of their days to try and give people a moment to relax.

Businesses and brands are going above and beyond to help where they can. Take the Wasps Rugby team from Coventry who are doing their bit by delivering food to people who need it.

And it seems that people’s absolute obsession with toilet paper is just as apparent in the states as it is here. Although shelves are empty, we also see a business in Atlanta handing out free toilet paper to people that need it.

This is the power of social media. Everyday stories that make a difference – now more than ever.

The majority of us may be distanced physically at the moment but we are all craving connection and community. This is where social media really comes into its own.

Make every impression count

Now isn’t the time for piggybacking or overselling. Now is the time to communicate meaningfully with a social media strategy that speaks to your community.  

So when the world finds its feet again, your name will be at the forefront of their minds.

Get in touch and see how we can help.

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