Newbie Alert! Starting my Apprenticeship at Zeal

May 6th, 2016 in Views 2 minute read

Hey! So, I’m Laura – the new addition to Zeal. I’ve been here just over six weeks and you know what, I already love it! Genuinely. And I’ve never ever said that about a job before!

I’d definitely be lying if I said I wasn’t pretty nervous on my first day. Not only was it my first day in a new job but after six years, it was also my first day back in education and there were some major ‘first day at school’ vibes.

Before coming across Zeal, I’d never considered an apprenticeship before. I graduated university back in 2010 and thought I was done. Several internships later and still in a job I hated, I realised that finding a job in the creative/digital industry was going to be harder than my actual degree was.

I applied for the Outreach apprentice position on a bit of a whim, which definitely paid off. Instead of getting knocked back for being too old or already having got a degree, I actually got invited to interview – three times…

Learning whilst doing the job is ideal for me. I get to ask as many questions as I need to, I get to work with people who know exactly what they’re talking about and I get to feel like a proper person. I basically get to build both my knowledge and skills, whilst getting a taste of real agency life. And it feels pretty good.

The apprenticeship itself is a year-long, intermediate course in Digital Marketing and is the equivalent of a GCSE. All of the academic based work can be done in the workplace, which makes it really convenient and a lot less intimidating than actually having to go back to college.

The best idea is to pick modules that link to and reflect elements of your job role. This means that the two can then run simultaneously. So, whilst you get stuck in to agency work, your college work is essentially still getting done as well. Bonus!

Zeal have certainly crammed a lot into my first six weeks – I’ve sat in on Buzz meetings, managed my first creative campaign, partied at Oulton Hall AND scoffed Brazilian food at Fazenda – so I’m really excited to see what’s next. I can’t wait to get even more involved and hopefully bring some value to the team soon-ish!

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