Can You Afford to Not Use Online Video?

January 31st, 2019 in Creative 2 minute read

Brands utilising video marketing grow their year-on-year revenue 49% faster than brands who don’t 1.

If that’s not enough to convince you that you need to be leveraging the power of video: 64% of customers are more likely to make an online purchase after watching a video, and a landing page with video content sees an increase in conversion of 80% 2.

That’s why we specialise in video specifically created with an online audience in mind. As a full service digital and creative agency, we work collaboratively across all our teams to ensure videos are conceived and utilised in the right way, to get the best results for you and your business.

Experts in Digital

Efficient Crew

We shoot with a small efficient crew, to increase flexibility, keep costs down, and give an agile approach to video production.

Aspect Ratio

Different platforms perform better with different ratios. 1:1 (square) is optimal for Facebook and Instagram feeds, 16:9 (landscape) for YouTube, and 9:16 (portrait) for Snapchat and Instagram stories.

Video Length

Diminishing attention spans see users watching lots of short videos online as opposed to longer form episodic content. We’ve found the sweet spot for online content to be under 2 minutes, and storyboard accordingly.

No Audio

80% of online video is watched without audio, we therefore prioritise visual storytelling and implement subtitles where required to ensure your message comes across with clarity and ease.


Audiences no longer watch full videos unless they are convinced to. Front-loading puts the richest content within the first 3-5 seconds of the video. This circumvents the problem with skippable ads and ensures attention is grabbed the moment a video starts playing.

Multiple Edits

We don’t just shoot for one video, everything we plan serves multiple cuts to cater for differing channels and audiences. Different narratives, different calls to action, different ratios etc. By editing in this way we can tailor specific content to specific audiences, greatly increasing conversion rate for the campaign as a whole.

North Wales


To advertise the North Wales region as one of the top cruise and visitor destinations in the world.


9 videos showcasing the very best of each region, in both English and Welsh.

Our Approach

Working closely with all North Wales councils we shot 53 locations over 10 days, selecting the very best that North Wales has to offer. Focusing on several core aspects:

  • Jaw-dropping scenery
  • Mouth-watering food
  • World-famous tourist attractions
  • and thrill-seeking activities

With a minimal crew and a packed schedule, we covered the length and breadth to capture breath-taking footage, utilising the latest drone technology.


See more about our work with North Wales

TG Ski


Create a brand video for TG Ski a luxury chalet holiday company in Morzine and Meribel.


A brand video that portrays the beauty, indulgence, and adventure associated with a TG Ski holiday.

Our Approach

With extensive planning and a 5 day trip to Morzine, we captured everything needed from dawn till dusk (and a little extra) to show the story of TG Ski and exactly what customers experience each day of their holiday. We focussed on multiple aspects of the experience: from travel, to food, to skiing, and importantly, the luxury downtime and hygge of the best ski holidays around.

The Result

See more about our work with TG Ski

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