Raised By Humans Pt.2 – Website Creation

December 12th, 2017 in Content Marketing 4 minute read

The Brief

With brand in hand, on to the website. Raised by Humans have no physical shops, they sell through Amazon and their own website exclusively, so a customer’s experience can make the difference between selling out and selling short. Knowing that by the year 2020, customer experience will be the key brand differentiator, leaping ahead of price and product (Customers 2020 Report) further cemented the importance of the site and our process.

Challenged to create a website that appeals to a design-motivated audience while building a simple user journey and flow we began. As the brand is new, two over-arching aims were established:

Fig 1. RBH Website Objectives

SEO Strategy

The goals of any SEO & Outreach strategy are generally brand awareness, traffic and ultimately sales. The RBH strategy was no different. With the audience in mind, reviews and brand ambassadors were a no-brainer, you have the likes of Doug the Pug with 3m Instagram followers (more than Meghan Markle, even with the wedding news) so how could we get the RBH brand out there.

To maximise traffic, we looked to target “Luxury Dog Beds” and “Designer Dog Beds” as keywords, with a high opportunity rating and strong monthly search volume we identified a space where the RBH brand could fit and reach our audience effectively. Alongside, we decided to use micro-influencers to broaden our reach. Micro-influencers as a category have stronger engagement per follower so are the perfect target for a modern, luxury dog bed.

The Content

Through keyword research, we knew we’d have to communicate the themes effectively to our audience without simply stuffing the copy with keywords and hoping for the best. Adopting a ‘show don’t tell’ approach packed with beautiful imagery and bold colour, the written content had to supplement this approach, inform, educate, and drive people to purchase without losing the memorable tone of voice built for RBH.

With creative license to be witty, confident, and playful we wrote the copy in small, memorable ‘caption-like’ chunks. Chock full of alliteration, rhyme, cadence (and the odd pun – “Impawtent Bits” anyone? Is anyone still here?), we were able to create catchy snippets and a pleasing tempo. But in the end, everything came back to: “Look so good you’ll want rid of your sofa, but won’t fall apart when faced with the realities of living with your four-legged family.” and really, what more could you ask for?

The Design

User Journeys

Establishing user journeys is an integral part of any web project, enabling teams to map out what user groups and personas are looking to accomplish on a website. By defining the ‘flow’ of a user to achieve a specific task it allows us to examine possible motivations and pain points leading to a clearer understanding of requirements, features, taxonomies etc.

Fig 2. RBH Example User Journey


In order to rapidly prototype concepts, wireframes were used to develop an interface and structure in direct response to the user journeys. We design from a content-first perspective allowing prototypes to be drawn up as they would appear when built, this method means the content can be analysed and presented in a manner that fully reflects the messaging, tone and key points.

Final Design

The resulting design, is a fully responsive, minimal layout with very little colour, allowing the bespoke photography to do the talking. With a reserved brand and UI, we put the focus on the dog beds, utilising an accent green for key interactive elements. A modern design to mimic a modern dog bed.

Fig 3. Raised by Humans Website Design

The Build

We pride ourselves in leading the pack in terms of technology in the industry, so for us, the only possibility was to build the RBH website on Magento 2. Coming with an overhauled UI for the backend, Magento 2 is even easier for clients to manage their own websites. We also build all of our websites responsively to ensure the user experience is optimised and consistent no matter the device that’s used to view it.

Magento 2 Backend UI

Fig 4. Magento 2 Backend User Interface

The focus for RBH was creating a lightning fast, highly functional website that had strong foundations for the future. Currently, with a catalogue of 4 products, we needed a scalable solution and future proofing was at the forefront of our work from day one.

In Conclusion

The Raised by Humans website needs to both echo the design philosophy of the brand and products, while performing as strong as possible from an SEO perspective.

With a simple and easy to use UI that gets out of the way, we put the onus on the product, and from getting our audience from entry to conversion in the most natural way.

Through our responsive and content-first approach, we develop websites that work hard and look beautiful. Find out more about our website services and how we can work with you to build a site that’s the opposite of dog rough.

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