A Week in My Job: Ben

September 16th, 2014 in A Week in My Job 1 minute read


With the Friday afternoon good feeling desk clean still evident on my desk, my week is set up. Monday morning for me is one of two ‘Reports’ mornings. After completing my Monday Reports I will check through my PPC accounts to review the weekend traffic and performance. After our weekly digital teal meeting, the afternoon will usually consist of optimisations based on the previous week’s performance. I am armed with a small red chair holding paperclips and a florescent stapler to help me through my week.



Tuesday morning is the second of my ‘Report’ mornings. After completing Tuesday reports I will check on my PPC accounts to ensure they’re running at their optimum level. Now this varies between each account and a complete understanding of the client and the industry is essential. Optimising my accounts is done through a number of different ways, from identifying negative keywords though search term reports to observing the hour on hour performance of singular keywords.


Wednesday is when I like to take off my shoes and get social. Wednesday is the day I like to concentrate on my affiliates. Whether this is contacting them to get updates on their progress or searching for new affiliates online, I like to keep on top of account affiliates. On occasion I will call a meeting with other members of the Performance Marketing team for their perspective on how to best target new affiliates.



Unless there are urgent account alterations needed on any other day, I use Thursday as a day of PPC account building. This may be building an account from scratch through AdWords Editor or tweaking accounts online on AdWords.


Friday is a chance to look at the week’s progress and set up my accounts for the weekend. Friday is also a day for Ad Copy reviewing. Here at Zeal’s Performance Marketing team we love to test, retest and test again. We test our ad copy frequently across all accounts to better understand how our customers respond to our adverts.

It is then, of course, time for the Friday Good Feeling Desk Clean.

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