A Week in My Job: Emil

September 16th, 2014 in A Week in My Job 1 minute read

I’m Emil, and I’m one of the developers here at Zeal. I’m part of the development team, and it is up to us to build bespoke websites for our clients. I am involved in every step of the process, from planning to launch.

My week rarely follows a routine as each project has different timelines and requirements, but there are some definite patterns that can be seen throughout all of them.



Mondays are usually “launch day”. Most of my websites get launched on a Monday as this gives me the rest of the week to ensure everything works as planned, and also to make any last minute changes. If something goes wrong over a weekend, I would not be able to spot it as quickly. Today is also my planning day. I run through all of my projects and prioritize tasks that need to be completed before Friday.


Tuesday will be spent with our designer Nick as he briefs me on any new projects that need to be started. We would then sit down and go through all the technicalities of the new project as well as work out rough timelines for development.


On Wednesday I get started on setting up the backend of the new site. This includes setting up databases, setting up the CMS (content management system) and preparing the site for frontend development. This is usually done with input from the rest of the development team as we all input on new methods and technologies that might improve or simplify the process.


Thursday is when I would start the frontend development of the site. This is the most time consuming part of the process, and can easily span over a few weeks. The entire day would be spent coding and drinking coffee. Lots of coffee.


On Friday I would continue working on the frontend of the site. I would also show my progress to Nick so he can give some early feedback on the direction of the development process. Today would also be used to finish off and prepare any other projects that are ready for launch. At the end of the day I update the rest of the team on the progress that’s been made so far and what the plan is for the following week.

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