A Week in My Job: Emmanuel

September 16th, 2014 in A Week in My Job 3 minute read

I’m Emmanuel, a developer here at Zeal. I’m primarily responsible for the development of our web projects, as well as coordinating many of the technical aspects of projects within the Zeal Create team.

As a developer, naturally my working week varies heavily depending on the projects we are working on. I am generally involved in all stages of our web projects, so my day to day tasks range from project kick off and planning meetings, to solid blocks of development work, to site launches.


While it may be a view shared by few, I actually like Mondays. I enjoy starting fresh after recharging over the weekend. It’s the day when I’m most ready to tackle whatever challenges the week may bring.

Like most of the team, I start the day with a cup of tea or coffee. The office Tassimo machine is on the warpath this week, and has decided to spray coffee everywhere but the mug. Tea for me it is then, while I catch up on e-mails that have come in over the weekend and get ready for the day ahead. Any catch up meetings we have usually occur on a Monday also.

We’re currently in the final stages of the new Zeal site, so this week it’s pretty much full steam ahead on development and little else.


Easy day today. We’ve got a couple of new projects on the horizon but I don’t really have to worry about those until next week. Nothing pressing in the diary so the dev work I was on with yesterday rolls over nicely into today.

We’re populating large portions of the new site with the finalised content and imagery, so I’m working pretty closely with Nick, our designer, as well as with Lora and Jane on content to ensure this all goes as smoothly as possible.


We’ve got a client meeting early tomorrow for a project starting in a couple of weeks, so as always, it’s good to be sufficiently prepared with slides and any other information required, as well as making sure everyone involved has a good understanding of how the meeting will go down.

New Tassimo machine arrives tomorrow which means Emil may be less grumpy about the lack of caffeine-rich beverages.


Client meeting today–  this is the last meeting before development on the project starts, so it’s important everything goes smoothly. Did I mention we have our client meetings inside the famous Zeal shed? Our resident Swedish baker, Kristina, brought in some mini cupcakes for everyone today – baked goods always go down well!

Dev work and delicious cakey goodness aside – we’re also having the first ever Zeal quiz night tonight after work, which should be a lot of fun! Our team of me, Hetty and Tanya is clearly going to win.


Our team won the first inaugural Zeal Quiz Night! This of course means plenty of gloating, as well as mocking the losers! I’ll be quiz master for the next one though, so I’ve got some work cut out for me.

On a more serious note, all the development work for this week has been right on schedule, which means I can spend a bit of time today producing some visual assets and animations for our new site. It’s always nice to break up the heavier build tasks with some creative work, and as I spend most of my time with my development head on, I thoroughly enjoy working on some design tasks where possible.

If we’re lucky we might get an early finish or even Beer o’clock, which is always a nice way to wrap up the week and get ready for the weekend. Hopefully we’ll get some nice weather so I can get out and hit some trails on my mountain bike!

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