A Week in My Job: Lora

September 16th, 2014 in A Week in My Job 3 minute read

I manage the Content Marketing department here at Zeal, here is a little look into my working week…


I always start the day with a cup of Yorkshire tea. On Monday’s there’s usually a lot of emails to go through, so I settle down with my brew and reply to any urgent emails. Me, Sam and Katie sit down and have a chat about what we’ve got coming up this week in the content department.  Next up, I usually look over any content we have shared for clients over the weekend, this might be a scheduled blog post that has gone live or an article we have shared on social media. On a Monday we also have a Zeal Buzz meeting. This is a chance for all the Buzz departments to come together, catch up on what projects we all have going on at the moment and discuss any campaigns that we are all collaborating on. It is a great opportunity to brainstorm future campaigns across channels.



There is a lot of planning involved in content marketing to ensure we don’t miss any key events or content opportunities for clients. I have editorial calendars for each client and keep these up to date with any campaigns we have going on and events we can cover. I need to be organised and ensure we have images and graphics ready for any content we have produced. Tuesday also means personal training with the team after work. There’s nothing like team bonding over burpees and press-ups!


Wednesday’s usually begin by limping into the office after the previous night’s personal training pain. We create a huge variety of content in-house from blogs and articles to infographics and video content. There is always content that needs proofing and editing, there is nothing worse than a piece of content with a typo in! Or a boring blog! We try and make sure all of the content we create is interesting and something we would want to read ourselves, this means researching our target audience and suitable topics thoroughly.



I try and set aside some time later in the week to check all the content that has been scheduled in for client’s blogs and make sure the editorial calendars are up to date. Today I’ve been planning an upcoming creative content campaign for a client. The campaign involves building a dedicated microsite to help the client celebrate a landmark birthday. We are creating timeline content after researching their history and finding some great stories to use. We are collaborating with the outreach team to work with bloggers to promote the birthday and the social media team are seeding it out on the social channels. I love doing these one off creative content pieces, it really gives us a chance to think about new ways to tell a client’s stories and work with the other Buzz departments.


I try and write up next weeks ‘to-do list’ on a Friday so that it is ready and waiting for me on Monday morning. Friday is a good day for reviewing how the week’s content has been performing using Google Analytics, we measure what content has been popular and this influences our ongoing content strategies for clients. We want to produce content that will be read! We are lucky in the Zeal office that Friday’s often mean Beer o’clock where we can all sit back with a drink and round-off the weeks work. The perfect end to the working week if you ask me!


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