A Week In My Job: Ella

April 14th, 2015 in A Week in My Job 2 minute read

Hey I’m Ella, a Performance Marketing Apprentice here at Zeal. I spend most of my time working on PPC accounts and looking after/recruiting Affiliates. At Zeal it’s rare that every week, or every day has a similar structure, which is something I love about working here. However there are key things that my job role means I do throughout a week at work.


Monday usually starts with a mug of very sugary tea to sweeten up the Monday morning blues, whilst I open my mail box. I’ll sift through my emails that have accumulated over the weekend and ensure any questions are dealt with. I usually have a catch up with Ben and Duane about what our main focus is for the week and any urgent work that needs to be done. I then move on to checking all the affiliate platforms for any requests that need to be accepted, then emailing them to introduce myself. The rest of Monday is used to focus on recruiting new affiliates and ensuring already existing affiliates are on top of the latest discount codes.


I usually turn up to work feeling very fresh and focused, finally recovered from the weekend. I check if I’ve had any responses from recruiting emails I’d sent out on Monday and respond to any. I then look over the PPC accounts to see how well they’ve been preforming and make any changes that need doing to improve campaigns or even create new ones. This particular job can be quite time consuming, so depending on the changes that need to be made it can take up most of the day.

Wednesday / Thursday

Wednesdays and Thursdays I usually like to get more creative and think of any new discount codes or competitions that might be useful and link to the Zeal content calendar. Whilst listening to radio 1 to keep me company, I usually begin some initial research into what competitors are doing and how well it seems to be working, checking their websites and looking on social media platforms. I like to create a list of options and sit down with Ben to go through any ideas and whether he can add anything. This is probably my favourite point in the week as the weekend is creeping up!


(SO NEARLY THE WEEKEND). Fridays I like to use some time to go over any apprentice work I need to complete or I might have a meeting with my tutor who set’s me some more work, not the most thrilling of starts to ‘Friyay’ (as we like to call it here at Zeal). I then like to make sure everything that we planned to do for the week has been completed and ensure once again that all affiliate requests have been accepted before the weekend.

Fridays are often treat days at Zeal with either a nice little tipple before the end of the day or I might just indulge in an exciting lunch.

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