A Week In My Job: Katie

February 22nd, 2016 in A Week in My Job 2 minute read

Hi, I’m Katie – Zeal’s Content Marketing Assistant. Although I’ve not been here long, my week tends to go a little like this…


On the way in each morning, I read Creative Boom and all manner of art blogs for inspiration. Then the kettle’s switched on for round one of dodgy brews (I’m not great with a teaspoon, but no-one’s called me out on it yet). For me, it’s always a double-scoop coffee, Monday or not.

Unlike everyone else’s, my inbox is rarely full, even after the weekend, which is a blessing. For now at least, I sieve through Google Alert emails for content ideas and fire any interesting articles to the social team. Then it’s time to catch up with Lora and Sam.
We have editorial calendars for each client, so Monday is all about drumming up blog post titles.

A Week In My Job: Katie


Ultimate’s weekly blog post goes live today! They’re written and built weeks in advance, that’s how organised we are. So there’s a good chance I’m writing the one after the next one – and maybe the one after that. Once they’re given Lora’s seal of approval, I’ll build and schedule them in WordPress.

There’s literally nothing I love more than writing! The whole, ‘nothing this fun feels like work’, cliché honestly rings true. And I’m not one for clichés. Is this hard work? Sure! I need to get ‘into character’ and switch from one tone of voice to another depending on the client, all while subtly getting a message across – but that’s why it’s so, very awesome!


After a mid-week pick me up smoothie from Out of The Woods, it’s all go! When I’m not writing blog posts for our clients, I’m penning off-page content as part of our creative campaigns for clients. Today was all about interior design for Bed Guru – with one product focussed piece, and a listed feature.

When the monthly pub quiz swings around, as it does on Wednesdays, I usually pre-warn my team that I’m a bit of a dead weight and more of a cheerleader. Go team! Then it’s off to the pub.

A Week In My Job: Katie


One of the coolest things about this job is that I’m encouraged to be as creative as possible! So this week, I’ve been experimenting with PlayBuzz – a website which allows you to create interactive quizzes among other things. It should work really well for Bed Guru, and goes to show how anything goes in Content Marketing – so long as you have the right idea for your audience.

A huge part of life at Zeal is spending time as a team. So today, our Content dream team treated ourselves to a lush Thai feast!


Another day, another project. Today I helped Sam pen website copy for a corporate car client. For the first time this week, I toned down my copy to suit a more formal tone. That meant explaining complicated insurance and warranties in an easily understood way. By 4pm, a beer was on my desk! Purely because it’s Friday. Then I tidy up my copy, follow up any emails and bin the finished to-do list to round off another brilliant week!

A Week In My Job: Katie

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