A Week in My Job: Carl

March 7th, 2016 in A Week in My Job 3 minute read

Here’s a week in my job as Social Media Executive. Well, sort of. To save your eyes from reading the same thing over and over again, every day I am constantly on the lookout for content to share for clients and keeping my eye on all the channels for a chance to connect with anyone talking with or about the brands we look after. So here’s the rest of the things I get up to on a typical week…


My first job on Monday morning is to see how the social channels are looking after the weekend. I have alerts on my phone, so if there has been any major activity I will already be aware of it. This is time to see how the posts performed such as how many views and engagements they received.

After making sure everything went well over the weekend I can look to the week ahead, and start gathering content for our clients. This can come from them, some trusty Google alerts or original content we have created.

A Week in my Job: Carl


Our clients are my main focus on Tuesdays. I begin writing up the posts that will make up the backbone of our social offering for the coming week. These often tie in with any campaigns running from the rest of the Buzz Team, as well as any sales or competitions that we have ongoing at the time.

Once these are written up they’re sent off to the clients for approval. They aren’t as time sensitive as any reactionary or community management style posts so there’s time for the client to feedback.

In reality this isn’t really done exclusively on Tuesdays more often than not I focus on different clients on different days, but you get the idea.


One thing I’m always keen to do throughout the week is get away from my screen to talk strategy with other Team Zeal members! I feel it’s really important to get away from the emails as often as possible when communicating with colleagues, and I’m always willing to pitch in with any creative ideas. This week there’s been a lot of talk about a new video series for a client – I’m always keen to be a fresh set of eyes and ears to help refine any ideas or come up with new ones!


Ensuring I’ve got the right skills to meet my client’s needs, and push our social offering to the next level is really important to me. Recently I’ve been undergoing training in various aspects of what we do here at Zeal, this week it was in-house photography training. It’s actually quite a lot harder than you think to get the best out of a DSLR! I think these two photos here show that I now know how to make the right corrections to get a better looking shot… Now I hope to get some much more engaging visual content onto our social channels!

A Week in my Job: Carl

Also Thursday is a big scheduling day for one of our accounts, this is where I make sure that everything goes up onto the various channels in the correct format at the relevant times.


On a good week everything is already tied up for my clients by Friday morning, so I can use this time to work on promoting our social media management or training services to potential clients. This usually entails a bit of email marketing, as well as planning any networking events to attend. For potential clients that are already interested in working with us, I can assist my head of department with planning for pitches and preparing presentations.

On a busier week I might just be ensuring that all lose ends are tied up with plenty of time to check them all before the weekend.

Finally, we might even have the occasional beer to end the week!

A Week in my Job: Carl

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